Difference between Photo Editing and Post-Processing

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In the digital world of photography, editing, retouching, post-production or post-processing appertain to works that are done on captured photos. Although some of these terms are interchangeably used by general audiences, there are some technical differences between them.

Professional Picture Editing

Editing is a more general or broader term than retouching. It is the process of making corrections or flaws occurred during photography. Those could be color correction, sharpening, fixing stray hairs, changing the image backdrop, removing an object from it, adding something to it, removing skin spots, editing the size of a model, or even using image restoration if required. Undoubtedly, these edits have to be used for any type of image. Usually, these comprise professional picture editing, although specific requirements may change the complexities of edits.

Photo Retouching Services

While editing is also concerned with making corrections or enhancing, retouching could be done or sought by clients for a subjective reason, such as to improve the skin or facial features of a person. That could also be to promote a model’s headshot or hero shot for use in marketing materials. Since the nature of photo retouching is to improve its look, often it is sought arbitrarily by business clients or companies. Even if you feel that the look of your personal images should be improved, what you need is a retouching service by an experienced professional.

Some photo retouching services also refer to the process as airbrushing. No matter what it is called, the ultimate goal of the process is to enhance the look of a photograph. This is not to say, it is only beauty-concerned always. If the face of a stranger appears in your image, editing can be applicable. The same goes for blurring facial aspects, taking care of red-eye, or moving the physical object.

Photo retouching services are predominantly sought by model and advertising agencies to work over facial flaws, to correct skin flaws such as scars and pimples, pores, etc. Another prominent feature of retouching is that some professionals indulged in it may make the subject or person in the image look slimmer. This may be applicable for certain facial or body parts, like chin or legs, or for the entire body. Retouching is said to be difficult than standard editing, so it is most likely to be used in the creation of arty-crafty photos.

Post-Processing versus Post-Production

Professional Picture Editing
Image Retouching Services

These terms are synonymous. At the same time, they can also be interchangeable. Post-processing an image suggest darkroom-like activities, which would comprise cross processing, sharpening, and so forth. Minimal post-processing should be there on each digital photo. It works with everything from adjustments to the whole photo to comprehensive per-pixel edit. Particularly when you capture RAW, make it a point to use post-production photography. Slight corrections in levels, curves or saturation will transform your photograph’s look.

Image post-processing is the removal or addition of objects in its frame. Cloning out things and facial retouching methods for glamour will fall to this category. Post-production of a digital work refers to targets that have to finished or done after the shoot. In addition, it is the final or last step in image editing but not at all the least.

The digital industry indicates an array of photo editing with each update to software used for it. In the modern-day, there are many different ways to edit images. You could come across websites that provide the service, claiming that you could upload them and then get the output in a matter of minutes. However, editing in general is a time-consuming task, one that is best done by a person proficient at it.

There are several editing applications too, which are becoming available more and more as mobile technologies or developers are trying every bit to capitalize on arbitrary requirements. However, if you require professional photo editing for a promotional purpose, either to earn proceeds or enhance your reputation on a platform, it is best to rely on tried and test methods.

Generally, editing is ideally done with the use of a specialized software for it. You could purchase an image editing program, but if you are not adept at performing the task or even does not have basic computer skills, then you may feel you are out of luck. However, there are still image editing companies that provide the service at affordable prices.

The same could be applicable for self-taught photographers turned self-taught editors, who lack the advanced knowledge about either of the task. It is best to outsource the task to professionals – only they will know whether a certain edit or retouching is in line with ethical practices or accepted ideas by the society.