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Difference Between Image Masking And Clipping Path

Image Clipping
Image Clipping

Clipping path service and image masking are two important techniques you should be aware of for editing photos. Both of these techniques are used for removing background from images. However, they differ in the way how they treat images. Hence, you have to be aware of them for knowing which option is suitable for your situation. So we are providing you some of the important information you want to know about these important tools used in photo editing.

Clipping Path Service

Image clipping will be done with the help of pen tool. This is suitable for images that have flat edges that are not complex. It is suitable for clipping in straight lines. If the clipping is not drawn properly, then it can make your image unreal and unusual. Hence, this technique is not suitable for editing images with minute details.

Features Of Clipping Path:

  • Removes background quickly
  • It uses the pen tool only
  • Edges will not look natural for complex images like the hair of the model
  • Best suits simple images, where the object has smooth and sharp edges
  • Not suitable for professional use
  • Less competitive when compared to image masking

Image Masking

This technique is also used to isolate an object from the background. However, it uses different tools and methods when compared to the clipping path. In Photoshop, image masking will be usually done with the help color separation technique together with the eraser tool and magic eraser tool. This technique is generally used when there are fine and minute details in the image such as the fur of a teddy bear, hair of the model, etc.

Image masking involves the use of different techniques, hence, it needs great expertise when compared to image clipping. Some images will be complex to edit, in such cases it might need the help of different tools and complex techniques like changing background with shadows. You may have to use the combination of different edits as well.

Features Of Image Masking

Clipping Path Service
Clipping Path Service
  • It takes more time to edit images but is ideal for creating professional photographs.
  • Use magic wand along with refining the edge and background eraser tool
  • Edges will look sharp and natural
  • Creates a great option for professional work
  • Highly competitive and efficient
  • Suitable for editing complex images like the hair of the model or fuzz on a sweater.

Both clipping path and image masking are techniques used by editors to remove the background. These techniques vary greatly in terms of the tools they use and the accuracy of the results they create. Hence, you have to choose a technique based on the nature of your image.