Different Approaches to Making the Most of a Hero Image

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Most e-commerce or online stores and digital theme templates have one thing in common – a big, featured photo or series of pictures prominently displayed on their homepages. Often, they are referred to as “hero” or banner images. Regardless of what you call these digital photographs, they are one and the same and serve an important role for businesses. The importance of hero shots is briefed here alongside some of the best practices for using them.

Of course, if you want to get hero shots, you could approach photo retouching services. Still, before getting in touch with someone for professional picture editing, it will be a good idea knowing more about the hero shot.

To Help Build a Brand and for Storytelling

A potential use of the hero image in a website’s homepage is to help build the brand or business related to it. This method can especially be effective if your products and business have a story to boot. Use the majority of the space in your homepage, because this method comprises featuring important information that educates visitors on the story of your brand.

To Answer the Frequently Asked Questions

Another common hero shot approach is to feature answers to an FAQ. This could throw lights on your business objective, or can be used as a means to address a time-related question visitors to your site may have. For instance, “Free shipping across your market within two to three business days”.

To Highlight your Value Proposition

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Maybe the most significant use of hero shot space in a website is to explain the value proposition of a brand to customers. It explains to customers the value, which your product(s) deliver them. Since most of them land on the homepage, it is an ideal place to communicate the value proposition.

To Make a Company Announcement

One of the prominent uses of the hero image space in a website is to feature an important announcement, like, say, one related to the promotional sale of a product. This approach will ensure that more and more visitors will get to see the notification on the homepage of your site.

To Feature a Product Line

Finally, another popular use of a hero photo is to showcase an item or a specific product line of a business. This can be ideal when you launch products and want the most attention on them.

Regardless of what you do with the website space, there are many things, which a good hero photo should comprise. They are an eye-catching photo, a catchy copy, and a strong call to action text or button. So make a thorough plan prior to getting in touch with any of the photo retouching services for hero image creation.