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Ecommerce Photography is a key Sales Strategy

Do you sell online? Partnered with Online seller platforms like Flipkart and Amazon? Selling on your own website? The photographs of the products you sell make the first impression on the buyer! The secret to online sales is exhibiting top-quality product photographs. 

The importance of Photography in E-Commerce

Sales on digital platforms are booming and registering double-digit growth year-on-year by onboarding new sellers and expanding their service geography as well. A website visitor judges the quality of a product from photography to determine if it fits your need and influences the desirability to buy. To maintain the image quality of the products listed on their platforms, eCommerce giants like Myntra, Meesho, Flipkart, and Amazon have adopted their own guidelines for eCommerce photographs.  

Good product images are essential to draw customers’ attention. The majority of website visitors abandon their cart mainly because of not getting sufficient information from the photographs. It is always how you appeal to your customer and the response is equal. Having better product photographs on your Ecom site will increase sale conversion. Product images are not just about website strategy but can be employed in marketing strategy as well. It’s upto you how you employ your ideas. 

It is easy to convert a brick-and-mortar store visitor to a customer. For a website visitor to convert so, it takes extra effort. Evolving technologies have made digital stores smarter, more beautiful, and more efficient. But one thing will always remain the same, i.e how your product is visualized – your Product Images. There is no need for deeper investment here. It is all E-commerce Photography editing that will bring images to ecom fit and appealing. 

Small distortions when a visitor zooms in on the product can upset them affecting their interest in it. Viewing images from alternate angles will give them different approaches to deciding their purchases. Though less on investment, the product photography is more about small technicalities and amazing photo editing skills. 

Things to consider in Ecommerce Photography

Your product images leave the first impression when it comes to eCommerce. It should always be a priority to do your best job with the product exhibit. They can either make or break our business. Look out for these aspects while getting ready to launch your digital store and its media content. 

Images are as good as the Products 

Remember, a photographer is not a magician. The real magic can be done in photo editing. Even then, the images will be only as good as the product. It not just affects the quality of your store but also your customers regretting the buy. A variety of factors impact your product perception i.e packaging, finishing, utility, etc. There is a limit to the extent the photographer can make your product look good. Sometimes, even the photo editor cannot be helpful. 

Work with Professional Ecommerce Photographers 

Ecommerce Photography is evolving. Third-party seller platforms are swooping in with guidelines to host the best-quality Product photographs on their sites. They are even trying to clean up existing low-quality images by issuing notices to their sellers. In such a scenario, if you thought you could do it on your smartphone camera, you couldn’t be more wrong about it. 

The first stage is understanding the platform guidelines or if you intend on selling on your own website, you need to develop image standards. Not everyone is a photography and image editing expert, it is always recommended to hire an E-commerce Photography Professional to build your product image portfolio. Hiring an expert will ensure the right set of equipment is deployed to carry your photoshoot such as lighting, background, shades, angles, etc. thereby turning your products into internet-ready images. 

Do not rush on the Photographers during the Shoot

If you are thinking that putting pressure on the product photographers to squeeze the time and get the work done faster, please do not attempt. The charges are usually made per piece or custom time rates. Putting excessive loads will compromise the quality of the images. The best thing you can do is to engage with them during the work which will help you understand the photography aspects. 

Challenges in Ecommerce Photography

Image Quality

A good product image is a necessity for your digital store to convert visitors to your customers. While photography quality is a challenge in eCommerce, a poor-quality image will hurt your business. Not giving heed to quality is push you far in the competition. 

Understanding Image Guidelines

With different platforms having different guidelines for photography, it might be hard on budget to customize for each platform. All the guidelines are mostly technical and have very less to do with the photographer. Photo Editing Experts have a better understanding and can customize photos to respective platforms without having to reshoot for each platform. 

Maintain Image Quality

Maintaining Consistency in Image Quality is key for continued digital business. Once you put out a standard on your website, the pattern imprints on the returning customers. It is either maintaining or upgrading the quality from there on. This ensures comfort and uniformity for the customer. Ensure your Photographer, editor, and website maintenance is upto the adopted guidelines. 

A lot of aspects bring together good product photographs that will upgrade your Website appearance. Photo editing is an expert professional job that involves working with multiple softwares to arrive at standardized guidelines. It is a time-consuming task to understand and work on different elements and aspects but with the right photo editor, it is a cakewalk. 

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