Elements That Necessitate Improvement in Drone or Aerial Photos

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There is no such thing called a good outdoor photograph with a poor composition. Addressing the composition behind the lens of the camera is not always possible in drone or aerial photography. Sometimes, it is not possible to snap the ideal frame through it the first time.

Real estate photo editing services such as cropping will give the image the best possible composition layout. When it comes to outdoor photography, there are a couple of most-used composition layouts and they are Triangle and Rule of Thirds. Triangle compositions arrange important objects in a photo in a triangular shape. They are extremely well balanced as well as pleasing to the naked eye and can be seen a lot in portrait photos.

The most relevant composition to aerial photography is the Rule of Thirds, which divides an image with two lines – one does it horizontally and the other vertically. The intersection of these lines is the ideal place in a photo to put important objects since the audience’s attention will naturally be drawn into it.

Removing Unwanted Objects

With digital and modern real estate photography techniques, unwanted objects can be removed from the photo. When it comes to aerial photography, this means to remove the shadow of a drone, a power line, a bird, or a building.

Real estate photo editing services can improve the quality of such pictures by removing unwanted objects. This gets rid of the clutter from an aerial photo and serves to underline objects in it that were not standouts. By getting rid of the unwanted drone shadow, suddenly even the park bench tucked away at a corner becomes the shot’s focal point.

Most of the photo editing companies use the clone tool to get rid of the object. They copy dots or pixels from one area of the photo and place them on top of the area where the object is seen. In other words, grass portions surrounding the drone’s shadow can be used to remove the shadow in the photo.

Color Correction

Visible or white light is a mix of different colors. What people perceive as colors is the light reflected back off an object and being processed by the eyes. On a clear sunny day, with minimal humidity, what people see is that color’s accurate version and it is what the brain compares other colors to.

Color sets the tone and mood, and establishes a photograph’s style. That is why there are many distinct photo editing tools out there to adjust and correct the colors.

An overcast day can mute colors but can be edited or corrected by adjusting the saturation. Real estate photo editing services add a bit more color through saturation to make the image more effective or pop a bit more. On the other hand, de-saturating gets rid of more of the photo color, as well as leaves an effect that is not quite monochrome and is a touch low-key.

The So-Called “Golden Hour” Effect

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An hour following sunrise or prior to sunset is called the “Golden Hour”. It is the ideal time to snap photos or take video, hence the nickname. During this time, the light is simply amazing and shadows are considerably long. During this time, the sunlight coming through atmosphere has a warm, reddish glow. Even real estate photo editing services can achieve similar kind of effect, which will be easier due to shooting constraints at either time of day.

Contrast and Haze

Old painters often made use of the atmospheric perspective technique to suggest distance. It is about adding blue haze as the distance amid an object and audience grows.

It matters for in aerial photography the atmosphere amid the camera and an object is frequently translated to the photo, creating haziness that is not always desirable. One way to remove the haze in an aerial photo is adjusting or increasing the contrast until it becomes more clear again.

Noise Reduction

A pitfall of drone photography is its inability to set long exposure times in order to make up for low lights at night and twilight hours. Photographs captured during this time frequently have issues with noise, or visual distortion.

Having noise reduction setting in a camera will help minimize the visual distortion, but it will not fully eradicate it. Adjusting the luminance in a real estate photo editing software will help reduce issues of working in high camera ISO settings.

Blurred Photos

Blur happens when a camera or subject moves while its shutter is open. This can be used to suggest movement, but it mostly ruins the snap. Big patches of blur are nearly always not fixable, but small ones can be tweaked with a sharpness setting or tool. It should be a task left to professional photo editing companies, since adjusting the sharpness too much by those not proficient at it can also lead to some visual distortion.

Elements That Necessitate Improvement in Drone or Aerial Photos
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