Factors of Contrast and Temperature in Color Photography

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Color photography has become the standard of every picture in today’s world. If a picture is dull and dark, increasing the brightness and color makes the picture better looking for the viewers.

When we consider a black and white photo, contrast is the difference between the lightest and darkest parts in the picture. There are basically only three shades of tones like low, medium and high. But color photography has color contrast compared to the tonal contrast of black and white. Color contrast is determined by the way each of the colors interacts with the colors surrounding it. While the contrast can still be adjusted to push the bright to dark ratio, the colors in a photograph appear different depending on what surrounds them. Photo editing companies can help in fixing these issues.

Color Temperature

Any time you’re capturing pictures in color, you have to pay attention to the temperature of the colors. Different lights result in different color temperatures, in the same way that the sun looks different at various times of day. Although there are lots of technical measurements of color temperature, the simplest way to think of it is tint.

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Shade and color temperature are actually referred to as “white balance” in photography. Film and sensors are developed with a certain kind of light in mind, and when photos are captured in different lighting circumstances it affects whether white looks truly “white.” For example, if you take a picture underneath a fluorescent light, it will always have a green tint to it because that’s the color temperature of those lights.


Understanding which tones and tints go with the color tone of your picture is inevitable. For instance, reddish warm tints, which occur during a sunset, are flattering to almost all human skin tones. While cooler, bluish tints are best suited for neutral product photography.

Using camera filters, or photo editing software, photo editing professionals can straighten the white balance of a photo. The most important principle of photography is to capture the images the way you naked human eyes see it. However, this might not be achievable all the times and some type of photography requires very good editing. This is the reason it is best to get help of photo editing professionals to meet your varying photo editing requirements.


Factors of Contrast and Temperature in Color Photography
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