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Few Fashion Retouching Techniques Used By Photo Editing Services

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Fashion Retouching Techniques

It is a fact that there will be slight imperfections in almost every digital image. Using these imperfect images on your business websites and online stores is not a good idea, as it will urge customers to move away from the products and services you are offering.

Capturing your images in a RAW format will certainly give photo editors a lot more flexibility while editing the pictures. This will also help you to capture every little detail of your digital images with detailed information about color, tone, and light.

Photo editors prefer to edit your images on ACR editor before taking it into Photoshop. Editing the images on ACR help them to balance the shadows by performing contrast adjustments, choose vibrancy and temperature, and to draw gradients in order to bring the desired effects to your image.

If you wondered how a photo editing services provider could turn your ordinary digital image into a vibrant one, here are a few important fashion retouching techniques used by professional photo editors that will give you a better insight on the process.

Dodge And Burn

This is one of the most popular image retouching technique and arguably the hardest. Photo editors use this technique by setting the opacity to 10 percent. Then they use the black brush for burning whereas the white is used for dodging purposes.

These tools are carefully used on your digital image to either soften or emphasize the shadows and highlight the model. Overdoing the dodge and burn process will certainly affect the quality of your image and it will make your model look less appealing.

Frequency Separation

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Frequency Separation is comparatively the simplest image retouching process. This method is used to separate the texture onto one specific layer and break up the color and tone to another layer.

This exceptional technique also allows photo editors to edit the shades of your models skin without changing the details or texture. In addition to that, they also use this technique to smoothen the pimples or wrinkles without disturbing the color scheme.

Inversion High Pass

Inversion High Pass (IHP) is another image retouching technique that should be carefully implemented on digital images. IHP is an accurate editing technique, which helps you to remove the blemishes, grease spots, and makeup mistakes.

However, overdoing this process will leave ugly halo around the hair and skin of your model. This is the reason why you should hire professional photo editors rather than trying to do it yourself.