Few Photo Editing Tips to Make your Picture Look Professional

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These days, many people are buying cameras to follow their photography passion. Most of them may not go for photography training courses or seek photo editing companies for help; rather, they try to learn it by themselves. Given below are few tips that you may use to edit photographs using some popular photo editing programs that can help to make your photographs look professional.

Camera Raw Filter

Photoshop CC (Creative Cloud) has the option to enable the camera raw interface and fast layer editing can be done here. For this, select the layer and go to Filter > Camera Raw Filter. If you need to return to the raw filter for fine-tuning the photos at any time, convert the layer to a smart object by using Filter > Convert for smart filters. This can prevent destructive edits.

Learn Camera and Lens Adjustments

Before doing the basic adjustments, you should learn some of ACR (Adobe Camera Raw) and Lightroom’s panels. For example, you must check the camera calibration panel before making any change in contrast and color. If you use wide-angle lenses, then the automatic lens may push some regions of the picture out of the frame; hence, check the Enable Lens Profile Corrections option and the Lens Corrections tab beforehand.

Create More Vivid Skies

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Camera And Lens Adjustments

With the help of HSL (Hue, Saturation, Lightness) option in Adobe Photoshop or Lightroom, you can improve the contrast between a cloudy sky and a blue sky. In order to do this, select the Luminance and drag the blue slider to the left for darkening the sky. It is better not to overuse it, as there is a chance that the edges of the sky and other similar objects may intrude into the sky.

Experiment with Preset Settings

Click on the develop module to see the presets panel that is located on the left side of the interface. Now, experiment the preset colors found there, and if you want to undo any effect, scroll down to the history palette and click back through the history states. Make sure to check out the preset Lightroom effect and select Light Grain.

Be Selective While Using Apply Levels

The adjustment layers are often accompanied by a layer mask and it can be helpful to hide parts of tweak. Select the brush tool and paint over tweaked parts with black color. Else, you can use the command Ctrl + l to make the mask black and then paint with white to reveal the tweak. By using the adjustment layer levels, you can mask in order to restrict the effect to specific areas of the image.