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Few Simple Tips On How To Preserve Old Photos

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Preserve Old Photos

Old photographs bring back memories, and when an old photograph fades, you miss a chance to relive those moments; eventually, the memory associated with the photograph also fades. Photographs are the best way for you to take a trip back to your past, and hence, the significance of preserving an old photograph is of vital importance.

Usually, old photos may be kept in a drawer, or placed in your bookshelves; if not preserved properly, these treasures can be lost forever. So, here are a few simple yet effective tips to preserve your old photographs.


Make sure your photos are placed at a right and consistent temperature. Locking away your photographs in your garage or basement is not a perfect option, as the temperature is not really well regulated there – that will accelerate the aging of the photographs. Also, keep them away from water sources, and do not eat or drink around these photographs.


Exposure to light is of greater importance while capturing an image, but surprisingly, photographs do not prefer light. Any source of light is capable of destroying a photograph, but direct sunlight usually causes more harm than other lights. Posters with faded colors are one of the most common examples of light degradation effect on photographs.


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A paper box with dividers placed on both the ends to prevent the photos from reacting with the chemical composition of the paper is the safest way to keep your photographs. An importing point to note here though, is that you have to choose boxes that are capable of accommodating the photos without bending or folding them. Besides that, your photographs must be kept away from acid and lignin, as the presence of acids triggers unnatural disintegration of the photos.

Photo Albums

Find the perfect photo album and make sure it is less prone to cause damage to your photographs. Adhesive glues and PVC plastics are materials that can destroy your photos – so stay away from that. Make sure that the sleeves of your photo album are of polyester, as it offers higher safety.

Digital Copy

Use the technological methods available to you and preserve your photographs in digital copies. Digital copies of photographs offers numerous options; you can name the people in the photographs, add the location, event details, dates, and all other related information regarding the photograph. You can even sort the photos, and easily attach and send to your family and friends.