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Five Professional Tips for Manipulating Wedding Photos

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Manipulating Wedding Photos

There will be hardly anyone, who does not want to look attractive in photos. This will be really crucial when it comes to their wedding photos. After all, it is their big day and it is their right to look perfect on their wedding album. Obviously, professional photographers will be able to capture most of your beautiful moments, but you cannot expect each and every photo to be flawless.

Note that photographers may face many limitations such as poor lighting at the venue, not-so-appealing background, facial hairs, etc. In order to tackle this, it will be a perfect option to rely on photo editing companies that offer the best photo editing services. In fact, a photo editing expert will be able to spot and correct all the flaws in your wedding photo within a nick of time. No wonder, many wedding photographers prefer to outsource photo editing services.

Most people will be curious to know about various tricks that are involved in photo editing services. Below are some of those brilliant tips that the professionals in most photo editing companies adapt. You may consider these tricks to manipulate your personal photos as well. However, you cannot expect to get the same appeal of a professionally manipulated photo when doing it yourself.


In the photo editing services, cropping is one of the most basic tools that can be used to manipulate any kind of photo; be it an action shot or a group portrait. Traditionally, the professionals had to go through a series of steps in order to achieve this such as trimming, slicing, etc. However, it can now be accomplished with just a click on the mouse. This is a perfect option to remove the unwanted elements from an image and to focus on a particular frame. Nevertheless, take care not to over-crop an image; else, it will look cramped and tight. Note that it is a trend these days to crop an image into a square of 1:1 aspect ratio. If you prefer to create a slideshow, an aspect ratio of 16:9 will be a better option.

Eliminate Noise

There are chances to have some random blurry specks on certain areas of some photos. These tiny fuzzy dots in an image are referred to as the noise, which is sure to affect the overall appeal of a photo. This occurs especially when the lighting at your wedding venue is poor. Without any doubts, these dots will instantly draw the attention of every person. Hence, it is really crucial to eliminate noise from an image. For this, there are many options available in the photo editing software such as filters, beautifiers, etc. Usually, a veteran in photo editing services will require just a single click to accomplish this.

Brighten Up

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According to most photo editing companies, one of the most important things that you must consider while manipulating a wedding photo is its brightness level. This is really crucial to offer a lively and positive vibe to your images. It is quite common to get some dark images in your wedding album because of poor light conditions at your venue. Anyhow, you can easily overcome this by sliding the brightness bar in your editing app. Note that it is recommended not to overdo it; else, your wedding photos may look surrealistic. Luckily, there are many apps available in the market that analyzes a photo to calculate the optimal amount of brightness it requires.


Just like the brightness level, the contrast level of a wedding photo also plays an important role in its overall appeal. After all, who does not want their wedding photo to pop with life? For this, you will have to keep the contrast, color vibrancy, and exposure of an image optimal. Again, it will be really challenging for unskilled people to decide on the optimal contrast of an image using a traditional photo editing software. Instead, it will be better to use any of the photo editing apps that automatically fix all these issues by analyzing an image thoroughly. This way, you will not have to strain yourselves by pulling the sliding bars in order to increase or reduce the contrast level and exposure of an image.

Clone Tool

Most photo editing services employ a clone tool in order to fix the flaws in an image. Note that there can be some blemishes, wrinkles, facial hairs, shadows, etc., on your face. All these flaws will be clearly visible in your wedding photos since photographers use high-quality cameras to capture your beautiful moments. Without any doubts, this will negatively affect the overall appeal of your images, and hence, it is really significant to get rid of them. For this, a cloning tool will be the perfect option. In fact, you can eliminate all these blemishes completely by clicking on the clone tool for multiple times. However, it is recommended not to overuse this tool, as that will give a dramatic appeal to your images.