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How Bokeh Effect Is Used In Photo Editing

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Bokeh Effect In Photography

Beautification of the image is the key priority utilized by many photo editing services in enhancing its overall visual appeal. Among this, Bokeh effect is the most popular method used in beautifying an image. It is originally a Japanese word for blur, and is referred to as distinctive feature of a photograph where the backgrounds appear in a pleasant haze, appearing as circles.

Bokeh is mostly an inbuilt camera effect utilized through low focal length prime lenses that selectively blurs out the background of an image into a pleasing haze. However, it is also possible to incorporate Bokeh effect into an image through the various post-production image procession techniques used by professional picture editing services.

The Bokeh effect serves the key role of enhancing the appeal of an image, mostly portraits. Some of the ways by which Bokeh effect is used in photo editing for emphasizing the image are described below.


One of the most common ways of obtaining Bokeh effect is by using a background that is suitable for the effect. For this purpose, the photographers try to effectively separate the subject from the background. This will create the necessary depth in the image, which will facilitate the appearance of pleasing Bokeh in the background.

Bokeh Shapes

Bokeh shapes effect is utilized in photo editing to spice up the theme of the image. For a wedding portrait, Bokeh is altered from their circular shape to resemble hearts. It is also possible to alter Bokeh into other different shapes such as stars, circles, etc. Such post-production editing techniques will also amplify the mood of an image.

Enhancing The Image Elements

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Enhancing Image Elements

The other way in which photo editing services utilize Bokeh is by enhancing the various elements distributed across the image. In the editing, Bokeh is created in different areas of the image to add a bit of extra fun such as sparkles and sprinkle effects.


The Bokeh effect subtly blurs the background of the image in a pleasing manner. In professional picture editing, Bokeh is used for spotlighting different sections of the image where the key elements are positioned. For an image of a cityscape, Bokeh is used for shifting the focal point of the image. Moreover, Bokeh can also be added to a blank canvas for bringing a bit of artistic quality in the image.