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How Clipping Mask is Used to Change a Photo’s Dynamics

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The most important element in a photograph is the backdrop although there are other aspects, which form the curb appeal of a photograph. Oftentimes getting the perfect photograph with clear background is the objective of photo edits. Editors indulged in image clipping draw a clipping mask in the photo’s object using the Pen tool and remove the backdrop using the keystrokes in Photoshop. The feathered selection drawn around the object is the clipping mask.

Apart from clipping mask for background removal, there are several other techniques for removing spots, red-eye correction, and smoothing the skin. Such post-processing services make the photo look pretty awesome. There are certain tools, which aid retouching of the photo, like spot healing brush or the pen tool. When it comes to color correction, there are radius adjustment sliders in Photoshop for that.

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In fact, Photoshop is full of abundant tools that aid the editors to make the photograph legible to view. One such tool is the liquefy filter which can possibly make a thin photograph look fattier and a fattier one look thin. They are ideally used to transform the appearance of a model’s photograph. When the skin in the face of a headshot looks fat, editors rely on the liquefy filter, and renders the skin smooth as they should be ideally.

When the photograph is an apparel product, adding a drop shadow into the photograph necessitates for the e-commerce client. A drop shadow would make the photo look natural and editors draw a clipping mask and layers for that. The sharpness of the photo is also reduced using the transformation tool and a drop shadow is chosen from the Photoshop’s layers menu. There can be portions on the photo which have certain obstructions, and for that, cropping technique is also relied upon.

Clipping mask is used in order to keep the integrity of the photo using layers, and cropping is done to create a new path. Both serve the objective of background removal in clipping path service and editors pick one over the other as per given volume and turnaround time. Another one of those techniques that change the dynamics of the photo is a mirror effect in Photoshop. Clipping mask is used to create the mirror effect and the layers are used in combination with the transformation tool.