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How Editors Attain Uniformity on a Headshot Using a Hair Masking Technique

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Each and every photographer needs to remove the backdrop from the images and insert a new backdrop using the layers in Adobe Photoshop to refine the photo. Such best practices in professional Photoshop services are hassle-free as far as editors are concerned, especially if the actual backdrop contains clear color and the edges are rendered in a refined way.

There are editors who prefer color channels for frequency separation and keystrokes, which aid in the separation of hairy areas from the image backdrop. Apart from that technique, Photoshop presents editors with ‘Refine Edge’, which further improves hair masking process with feathered selections. For instance, one can select and refine minute details on a portrait like stray hair, messy fur, and nylon strands using the special command in the software.

Introduced in Photoshop CS3 and upgraded in Photoshop CS5, Refine Edge enables editors to enhance the photo in more ways than one. The command is used to edit the backdrop of the photo and contributes to a considerable degree in the process of hair masking. The starting step of retouching hair using refine edge includes drawing a sample selection around the object, which needs some amount of refinement.

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The Refine Edge command enables editors to leave the sparse hair and select only the thicker portions of hair with very little space separating. They also fill a new backdrop in place of the actual background of the photo for attaining the best view in hair masking by choosing a canvas from the Layers menu. Once a canvas having white or black color is chosen, a preview would show up on the screen as a thumbnail alongside a tool for edge detection and hair refinement by dragging the radius of hair. However, only professionals could tell the sufficient radius that suits a person’s hairstyle.

As per the quality of the photo and its backdrop, certain portions would need a wide radius and others may only need feathered selections or no selections. Further, attaining the uniformity on the photo with apt width is of a primary concern in professional Photoshop services. That is one of the reasons, why editors take the best practices to get the best outcome possible and to impress the clients.