How Editors Make Product Photo Backgrounds Virtually Invincible

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Even physical store tags apparels on mannequins so nothing would hold back an e-commerce store from using the ghost mannequins on the product category page. E-commerce thrives on images having a white background. Ghost mannequins are edited photos, minus embellishments and featuring the white background only.

Ghost mannequins are perfect for retaining customer traction since they have more curb appeal and allows a seamless on-page transition. For instance, your e-commerce store may have ghost mannequin of designer wears in one page and a model wearing the apparel in another. This transition would ensure that the customer gets to see the product, which in this context apparels, from close range, different angles, and that too, in one glance.

The photographers should use the white background compulsorily in order to follow up with photo edits of mannequin figures. Editors would remove the mannequin and keep the product photo as a standalone in turn leading to the catchphrase that is ghost mannequin. By now, you must have got a gist of what is ghost mannequin, which is also phrased as “invisible mannequins” sometimes.

Personalized on-page content usually comes as a luxury in an e-commerce store, and if that is true, then product photo editing plays a key role in achieving three-dimensional effects on apparel photos. Designer wears are only one of the apparels; other online products such as jewels tend to have 3D mannequins as well.

As you can see, there are wide varieties even in ghost mannequins, and hence, a photographer must choose the right mannequin to aid the product photo editing process subsequently. For instance, e-commerce photographers tend to prefer static mannequins that have a nigh lifelike resemblance to a male or female model from a distance.

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Non-Reflective Mannequins

However, some mannequins have moveable limbs and such types of mannequin may make the product photo editing process all the easier for an editor. Further, the non-reflective mannequins are the ideal preference since they go in tandem with the white background and ends up making the mannequin removal part somewhat easier.

Whether to retain reflection, which is an embellishment, would eventually depend on the type of apparel, it also hinges on the client need concerning different types of image clipping. Image masking is another image clipping service, which is used on ghost mannequins to bring out the desired results.

How Editors Make Product Photo Backgrounds Virtually Invincible
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