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How Image Retouching Processes Benefits E-Commerce

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Image Retouching Processes

Digital image retouching, which is also referred to as professional picture editing, are various processes and methods used to enhance and alter the properties of an image. Editing is particularly applicable in product photography to beautify the image as well remove certain issues related to the image like blown highlights, blemishes, optical aberrations, image noise, etc.

An error-free and enhanced image is of vital importance to e-commerce sites. Quality images free of any blemishes can help improve the overall experience for customers in navigating across the various products listed on the website. Besides, having well edited and quality images aids in boosting the sales of e-commerce portals. This is because such high-quality images enable the customer to examine the details of a product like its texture, actual color, the level of workmanship and finish.

The absence of such quality and well-edited images can result in less visibility of such crucial features of the product, thereby contributing to lower sales. A professional photo editing service offers image retouching that greatly assists in enhancing the image to make them suitable for use in e-commerce portals. Described below are some of the processes involved in image retouching as well as the benefits they have in e-commerce portals.

Color Correction

The image taken directly from the camera is unsuitable for use in e-commerce portals. Some of them lack a uniform distribution of color that is essential for an image used on the web. Professional picture editing uses the method of color correction that will enhance the overall color values present in the image thereby beautifying the image. Color corrected images attract customers more, which is the most basic requirement of e-commerce portals.


The process of cropping in image retouching has numerous benefits for use in e-commerce. Cropping allows in specifically focusing the image to highlight its best qualities as well as remove any unnecessary distractions from the image. Cropping will definitely increase the sales in an e-commerce site and many have included the option for customers to zoom in on the product images.

Background Removal

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In image retouching, background retouching will aid in eliminating unnecessary objects from the frame that can distract the customers. Through the process of clipping and background removal, the entire focus of the image is redirected onto the products.

Product Retouching

Product retouching is offered by most professional photo editing services and this will enable the product to look visually appealing for use in e-commerce portals. For this purpose, it uses various techniques like color enhancements, shades, and background effects.