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How Lens Flare and Ghosting Effect can Transform an Image

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There are several means by which the appeal of an image is enhanced in professional picture editing. Lens flares and ghosting are a commonly used technique that can transform an image and make it more lively and vibrant. These are not actually techniques, but an optical effect that arises when bright sources of light like the sun or electric bulbs enter into the camera lens. It can be created either during the actual photographing of the subject itself or during the final editing of the image.

Lens flare and ghosting, when done appropriately during photography and editing, can alter the image entirely. Due to their appealing nature, most photo editing companies carry out both these effects while working on photographs of weddings or landscapes. Mostly done by positioning the subject and the camera opposite to a bright light source, a lens flare and ghosting flare can be reproduced exactly. They can also be artificially created using numerous tools in image editing software.

However, optically creating lens flare and ghosting effect requires some amount of postproduction work, so that it syncs perfectly with the rest of the elements in the image. This is where professional picture editing plays a vital role.

What is Lens Flare and Ghosting

Lens flare occurs mainly when the light reflects off the numerous optical elements and air inside the lens. If a filter is used in front of the lens, then the reflection from its outer part and the inward part can result in the formation of a flare to fall on the camera sensor and get captured. Flares can take different shapes such as radial forms to arcs in an image. The type of camera lens used can also result in the formation of different types of lens flares.

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Ghosting is also like a lens flare and is caused when reflected light falls on the surface of the image sensor. In ghosting, the reflections are more bright and focused within the frame. It can also occur as multiple reflections within a single image. Aperture ghosting is one notable form that can take the shape of the aperture in the lens. As mentioned above, the ghosting effect can also vary depending on the type of lens used.

How they Alters an Image

Lens flares and ghosting effects can impart a sense of character into an image, which is unlike any other photographic or editing technique used by photo editing companies. It can intensify the atmosphere surrounding an image and highlight the lightning used while capturing the photograph. The airy feeling induced by using a lens flare and ghosting effect is highly important to intensify the feeling offered in images, especially those in portraits.

Optically created lens flares and ghosting are perfected by photo editing companies to make sure that the light does not obscure the important elements of the image. This ensures that the image appears in a more balanced way without losing the true beauty offered by such optical effects.