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How Moiré Affects an Image

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In spite of the tremendous advancements in digital photography, the images captured still have certain defects that can affect its appearance. One such commonly observed defect in digital photographs is moiré.

Moiré refers to the appearance of odd stripes or lines in the image that will ruin the image totally. This is especially in the case while photographing clothing or cityscapes, as moiré will appear more prominent in such photos due to the presence of several patterns among them.

Simply put, moiré is the result of the overlapping of two patterns in an image. This will create a new pattern from the overlapping of the two that differs entirely. The image sensor will interpret these patterns in the wrong way and thus resulting in the appearances of moiré in the image. The patterns in a subject image such as clothing will merge with the pattern on the image sensor resulting in the formation of moiré.

Correcting moiré is mostly done while capturing the image such as by equipping the camera with an anti-aliasing filter. This can prevent the appearance of moiré to a large extend on the captured image. However, eliminating moiré can only be done by subjecting the image to various postproduction techniques.

Professional picture editing can totally remove moiré from an image. It uses advanced image editing software that can tweak many of the imperfections in various properties of the image.

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Moiré can appear mostly in photographs of clothing due to the presence of patterns on them. Due to this, fashion and product photographers need to address this issue either by applying in camera settings or later during the editing of the image.

Latest cameras have built-in moiré reduction features that can correct any of such issues during capture. However, this is not an effective method as the resulting image may still contain some amount of moiré. Professional photo editing is the best way to fully remove moiré from an image and make it worthy for presentation. The numerous moiré reduction tools in editing software can fully remove moiré from an image.

Apparently, the presence of moiré can decrease the clarity of the clothing or product. This causes the image to lose clarity in the clothing that can prevent the customers from viewing the details about the product correctly. Hence, it is important that moiré is fully removed before using the images in any of the e-commerce platforms.