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How Photo Editing Services Make The Most Of Dodge And Burn Tools

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Dodge And Burn Tools

Dodge and burn technique is one of the most widely used and arguably the oldest photo editing process. This excellent image editing technique involves the manipulation of light in the image to create emphasis and contrast to product, fashion, or any other type of digital image.

Dodging can be defined as the process of boosting the exposure in the image for lightening the dark tones in it, whereas the process of burning reduces the exposure of image to darken the preferred areas. Photo editors perform these two editing techniques in almost all digital images and they seek the help of a number of tools to get the desired results.

The readily available dodge and burn tools are easy to use, but this editing process requires great attention to detail. This is because overdoing dodge or burn on an image will negatively affect the photo and make it look undesirable to viewers. That is why businesses seek the help of experienced photo editing services for the job.

The expert editors at photo clipping service companies can easily lighten up or darken your images and bring a professional touch to them. Below are a few ways photo editors adopt when they use dodge and burn tools for retouching fashion images.

Curve Adjustment Layers

This technique enables photo editors to create two separate curve adjustment layers along the actual layer of the image. Photo editors then use these layers to adjust and regulate the luminosity of the digital images. This will help them to bring the brighter tones in the image to the desired level, which in turn makes the image more attractive.

Direct Dodge And Burn Tools

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Curve Adjustment Layers

Direct dodge and burn tools are simple to use because photo editors only have to locate the regions of the image that needs adjustments. These tools can be used on both macro and micro levels depending on the result that you are after. The effects are applied only to the selected portion of an image in micro while the effects affect the whole image in case of macro.

Neutral Gray Layer

Photo editors apply the 50% gray layer to an image when they are trying to enhance the features of the subject in the image. The skin consistency issues and the skin tone variations in the image can be easily corrected with the help of this technique. Moreover, it also puts the focus back on your model or product.