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How to Achieve Ghost Mannequin Effect Using Photoshop

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Powerful tools like Adobe Photoshop can be used to do all kinds of edits effectively. This is the main tool that all the photo editing companies who provide professional Photoshop services to do one or the other form of edits.

Ghost mannequin is one of the edits that finds much importance in online business just as product photo editing. If you are running such a business and want to get ghost mannequin effect using Adobe Photoshop tool, given below are the steps you should follow.

Upload the Image

Open the front half of the mannequin image in Photoshop. After this, open the Layers panel to see your uploaded image in the background layer. Unlock this layer by clicking the Lock option. This will now automatically rename the layer to Layer 0; you can rename this layer if you wish to.

Duplicate Layer

Now right click on the layer option and select Duplicate Layer. This is not a mandatory step, but this can be used as a backup too, in case you make an error while editing. You can rename it as the Backup Layer. After this, create a blank layer and assign it the name Background. Next, fill this layer with white color using the Paint Bucket tool.

Reorder the Layers

Now you have three layers the Layer 0, Background, and Backup Layer. Order them such that Layer 0 comes first, Background comes second, and Backup Layer comes last. For doing this, all you have to do is to click and drag them according to the sequence.

Select Using the Pen Tool

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With the help of a Pen tool, create a path around the mannequin on your Layer 0. After this, click Selection that appears at the top Photoshop palette. This option creates dotted lines around the product. Go to Select > Inverse at the top of the window; you can see that the background gets selected. Now you can click Delete on the keyboard for removing the background.

Editing the Back Half

Open the back half of the mannequin image in Photoshop. Repeat steps 2 and 3 for this image as well by naming the first Layer 1 and second one as Backup Layer 2. Creating a Background layer again is not necessary. Now create a path using the Pen tool and click Selection to select the product. Next, click Ctrl + C to copy the layer.

Go back to Layer 0 and click Ctrl + V to paste this layer. Reorder the layers to get Layer 1 behind Layer 0 with the white background behind both these layers. Now resize it by clicking Ctrl + T to enable Free Transform tool and position it correctly. If it is not yet perfect, you can use a Lasso tool to delete any traces of unwanted things in the image.