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How to Make your Business Card Professional and Authentic with Photo Edits

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Each business card design implementation includes four aspects, namely orientation of the card, its size, customization, and the printing material. Business cards come in digital formats too, although most of them are printed with the name and business address of the professional who uses it for marketing purposes. Most of the business cards are of the size 8.5 into 5 centimeters. Although you can print a much bigger one, it is quite common to use the said particular dimensions since it is easy to hold in pocket or keep in a wallet.

The size of the business cards also influences the cost of printing, hence it important to decide it while designing. When it comes to card’s orientation, you can choose either portrait or landscape as per your preferences. Yet printing cards in landscape orientation will enable you to add all points of contact related to your profession with bigger texts.

Traditionally, business cards are rectangular shaped featuring sharp ends but custom modifications to the card design can be chosen like, for instance, a round shape design. Each of the professionals has a card, which matches with their brand. For example, if graphic designing is your profession, then it will be apt to employ some amount of customization on your card.

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When it comes to printing, photo quality paper is the go-to choice for professionals. However, there are people who use business cards under emails as digital signature especially on marketing mails. Henceforth, it will be necessary for you to make a custom business card with professional picture editing. Unlike visiting cards used for formal purposes, business cards contain more information related to the professional or brand hence it is important to furnish the details professionally.

The three significant aspects of the design of the card are font, color, and content. Pictures should be used appropriately with sufficient space for text on business cards. When furnished ideally, photos can be noteworthy design inclusion that will make yours stand out from the rest. On any type of business card, something will be included both at the front side and at the backside of the card. The choice of where to place the brand photo is completely up to you.

It will be wise to print the logo at the front of your card. Logos communicate about the type of service your brand deals with to others. That is why you should outsource the work to graphic designers to make a business card featuring a logo, which makes your brand authentic. If you are a professional doing a freelance service, logo design can be exempted in photo edits.