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How to Manipulate your Instagram Photos Using in-App Tools

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Editing photos have now become a norm, mainly with the advent of smartphones and other similar gadgets. Most people love uploading their photos on social media sites in the present time. Photo editing is really critical in such cases in order to make your photos to hit the spot.

During olden days, people had to rely on other photo editing apps in order to enhance their photo prior to upload it on social media sites or wherever they preferred. Nowadays, most people use Instagram as a medium in order to showcase their skills in photography and photo editing. As a result, Instagram has amplified its game by including in-app editing that helps the users to edit, upload, and share the images easily.

As there are tons of various features here, below are some major dos and don’ts when it comes to editing photos on Instagram.

Add Brightness

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This is one of the most basic edits. Using this editing method, you can brighten your images so that it can pop. However, do not overdo this to an extent that your image looks unrealistic. The rule of thumb for adding brightness to an image is that you must be able to see even the tiniest details in the brightest areas of your image. For instance, consider an image of a sunny day – if your image is brighter beyond the limit or blown out, you will not be able to see the clouds in the sky.

Don’t Use Filters Alone

Filters are very useful in order to beautify your image or to provide a totally different appeal to it. However, editing your images using filters alone is not recommended, as it just enhances the overall aesthetic of your image rather than any particular areas. However, when you need some unique colorcasts or hues in your image, filters are perfect. Still, you must be well aware of the effects of each filter on your image before applying it.

Post Multiple Images

One of the most common dilemmas that people often face is to shortlist one or two images from a pile. This will be very confusing, especially when every photo is equally amazing and appealing. To tackle this problem, there is an in-app technique on Instagram, which helps the users to combine all your photos in a single layout. There is also an upgraded provision where you can add up to ten photos and videos in a single slideshow post. However, while posting multiple images, try to add images from same event that exhibit different aspects or something like before-after comparisons, etc.