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How to Outsource Photo Clipping Service at an Affordable Cost

Photo Clipping Service
Photo Clipping Service

Deep etching service is done to cut out the backdrop of an image and place an attractive background instead, one that grabs the attention of consumers. It is important to use a backdrop that looks professional, which is especially the case with product photos meant to be uploaded on an e-commerce portal. Photo clipping service enables to swap the backdrop as per the requirements of the client, whether that is with respect to turnaround time or cost.

The first trick to earn cost savings is to outsource clipping path service to offshore companies that provide the same at affordable labor cost. Note that the overseas companies would have to pay less to in-house professional editors compared to local photo studios. This will have a say in the service cost. Since you can send photographs over the internet, e-commerce clients can make the most of outsourced deep etching.

Clipping Path Service
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Other than that, there are more things to consider when outsourcing offshore photo clipping service to third-party professionals. For instance, if you have plenty of product photos you can send them in bulk and get price discounts from the service provider. Instead of mailing small orders on separate days, you can make use of stock photographs at their disposal or send in bulk. That way you can tackle larger volume requirements and that too at faster-anticipated turnarounds.

The next thing to keep in mind is to send smaller file formats for backdrop separation work. If you want to swap the image backdrop with a professional background, consider sending PNG, JPG, or JPEG files in place of PSD or RAW formats. Both PNG and JPG are smaller than the other three file formats mentioned, so take that into consideration when outsourcing deep etching service. A product photo with .tiff file extension is heavier than JPEG formats as well.

Downloading and uploading TIFF files would take more time than that of a JPEG image, so that would affect the turnaround time. With more turnaround requirement, offshore companies may charge more, but you can avoid that by sending the right file to clipping path provider. Additionally, instead of demanding fast turnarounds like 2 or 4 hours, make the required time for deep etching service more flexible. If you consider all of the factors, you would get an affordable and prompt service from the offshore partner employing a professional set of editors.