How to Remove a Person from a Photo

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Nowadays, photo editing has become very significant in order to enhance the overall look of your photo. People are aware of the various aspects and applications of these photos editing as well. Most of the time, as you clicks the image the perfect time, some unwanted things may photobomb your frame. You can remove these photobombers easily from your image seeking photo editing services from experts or by using a image editor software like Photoshop. Below are the steps to remove such unwanted elements from your photo. For instance, consider the image of a woman who is leaning against the wall.

  • Open the photo in Photoshop, and create a new layer using the shortcut keys Ctrl + Shift + Alt + N. Now, using the Polygonal Lasso tool or Pen tool, select the wall in such a way that it faces you.
  • Now, remove the women using the Clone Stamp As you have selected a specified area of the wall, the cloning will be done inside the selected area only, and the rest of the image will be as such. Save the selection by clicking the Save Selection Menu under the Select icon.
  • Similarly, you can remove all the parts you want using Clone Stamp by selecting them individually and repeating the process. However, using the Patch tool is a much better idea for this kind of editing. For this, choose the layer that you cloned and duplicate it using the Patch
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    Make sure that the options panel has all the settings you require to duplicate the layer. After this, create a rough selection of the patterned area that you want to remove and drag it to any other area. You can now witness the magical effect where there will not be any patterned area in the selection. Carry on the same selecting and dragging steps for a couple of times for a better result.

  • Now, take the saved selection that consists of other parts of the woman that was outside the selection, by clicking Load Selection from the Selection Then, invert it using the shortcut keys Ctrl + Shift + l. Remove what is left in the image using the Clone Stamp as well.
  • Select Vanishing Point under the Filter menu and create a plane tool by pressing C in order to create a grid at the bottom. After this, select the Stamp tool by pressing S and remove the unwanted things in the image if any.
  • Reduce the opacity of the brush for a better blending. Finally, correct all the little imperfections and flaws in the image the Clone Stamp