How to Reproduce or Modify Photos for Uploading in Social Media

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Use Inbuilt Filters

Communicating a message through photographs on a social media or digital platform requires subtle adjustments to a photo meant for upload. Applying photo edits will alter the same picture in more ways than one while uploading the image to a social media handle. Nowhere do best quality photos come across as an effective marketing tool than on social media.

Since social media influencers use different platforms for digital marketing purposes, the followers won’t be able to tell the difference or modifications done to a photo while scrolling through an activity feed. Photo modification or reproducing a photo is as much a necessity as it is a trick that sells pictures, ideas, and concepts to a wide audience in social media in a matter of seconds.

Use Inbuilt Filters

The easiest and quickest method to modify photographs is to apply inbuilt filters as and when uploading photos on a social media platform. You can choose from darker filters, blurry, or even lighter colors, or choose enhanced filters from the options available on the platform. Also, consider adding a string of text as a Call to Action slogan related to your brand or product to attract curiosity among the followers.

Insert an Additional Layer

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Change Color Tone

Another method to modify social media photographs is to cover a picture with one more layer to what is present in the photo like, say, a black and white layer or a structure to the horizon. This will make a photo unique to another one and can capture wavering attention with transparencies stacked on top of multiple layers.

Change the Color Tone

Photographs on a social media handle necessitate high uniqueness so that it stands out from a buzzing news feed. There are easy tricks to reproduce the same digital photo using superimposition of color tones and these include adding a retro color scale or a duotone, which is one of the growing web design trends to have carried over from 2017.

Photo modification gives users a chance to reproduce the same photograph countless times in digital platforms. If you have several architectural projects lined up and have time constraints due to that in digital marketing, consider outsourcing real estate photo editing services so that your collection of photos or the product photography portfolio stays relevant to the times.