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Black and white photo of Yvonne Decarlo, the original Lily Munster, colorized

Image Colorization in Professional Photo Editing

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Image colorization is one of the most extensively used processes by photo editing services. This process is widely employed to add color to old photographs, especially black and white ones. Its applications also extend to correcting many inconsistencies of the image. Most photo editing and photo clipping service specialize in various aspects of colorization like black and white to color conversion and repairing damaged photographs. For achieving this, editing services rely on most advanced equipments and latest techniques.

Two of the most common image colorization services offered by most photo editing companies are Selective Colorization and Overall Colorization. The former method is used for coloring only a selected portion of the photo while the latter is used to colorize the entire image. This will assist in improving the overall quality of photographs due to the smoother transition of colors across the whole of the image.

The entire process of image colorization is highly complicated. To achieve the seamless integration of color into black and white photographs, photo-editing companies use the most advanced imaging software available. For any needs pertaining to image colorization, it is recommended to rely on the services offered by image editing companies. Their state of the art infrastructure and availability of an in-house team of professionals will help them cater to the needs of different clients.

The process of image colorization is also combined with other techniques like image restoration, background removal, and image enhancement. The professional image editors in these companies can provide an effective solution to most problems with images like discoloration, cracks, stains etc. Many support services are also offered by image-editing services. This includes resizing of images, digital beautification, background replacement and object removal.

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Another common imaging service offered is color replacement. Photo editing companies use many tools available in advanced image editing software like Photoshop to effectively change the color at specific areas of the image upon request of the client. In addition, the image color correction services can also be used to alter the overall color scheme of the image. This makes the photograph aesthetically appealing, which is especially necessary for product photography.

Moreover, the expert image colorization services offered by photo editing companies provides a new look to the image. The in-house team of experienced professionals will be able to accommodate all your needs regarding the image like shades, tints, and patterns.