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Image Editing For Ecommerce Sites: Everything You Need To Know

Product Photo Editing
Product Photo Editing

Image editing is becoming significant in the e-commerce industry, as it can enhance the appeal of product photos. Hence, photo editing services are now widely being used in this field for attracting customers with stunning product images. Through this article, we list the importance of photo editing in the e-commerce field for your knowledge.

Role Of Image Editing On E-Commerce Websites

When buying a product from an e-commerce site, people will not be able to see it in person, instead, they depend on the product images for knowing how the product will look like. Therefore, it is important for these images to be clear, attractive, and detailed. This is where product photo editing becomes important. It can be useful for improving the appeal of the photos so that they will be able to gain the attention of the customers.

In addition to improving the visual appeal of the image, photo editing is also used on e-commerce sites for background removal, mannequin removal, etc.

Editing Techniques Used For Better Visuals

Different image editing techniques are used for improving the visual appeal of images in the e-commerce industry. Some of such techniques are listed below:

Masking: This technique is used for removing the background of the images, especially when higher precision levels are required. It can be even used for isolating complex images like products that have fuzzy edges (such as frizzy hair or fur).

Clipping Path: It is also used for background removal, however, it cannot be used for editing complex images. But this method is very easy when compared to the masking technique. It is ideal for editing simple products like shoes, bags, etc.

Invisible Mannequin: This method is used for removing the mannequin from the product images.

Retouching: It is a generic term used for denoting a variety of adjustments done to images in post-production. This technique requires a better understanding of the client requirements and a deep knowledge of different Photoshop tools.

Importance Of Background Removal In E-Commerce

One of the important applications of photo editing services in e-commerce is removing the background. The background is removed from e-commerce images because of the following reasons:

Photo Editing Services
Photo Editing Services

To be compliant: E-commerce sites display images in white background. So removing the background is important.

To eliminate Distraction: Unwanted objects in the background can take away the attention from the central objects. This can be avoided with the help of background removal.

To create consistent images: The clarity and quality of the images can vary. But with the help of background removal services, you will be able to bring consistency to the images.

Photo editing is important in the e-commerce industry for enhancing the visual appeal of the images. This will be beneficial for attracting more customers and boosting the revenue generation.