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Importance Of Background Color In Product Photo Editing

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When it comes to product images, it is important to mix colors between the background of the image and the main object in focus. This is an important factor, which can help you to attract the attention of more visitors, thereby increasing the traffic to your e-commerce website.

Note that it is not an easy process to select a suitable background for a product photo. A good photo will highlight the object or subject in the image, meaning that the important things in the image should be exposed in detail, or simply, the image should not deviate from the main subject, and this should be the focus of product photo editing.

Different background colors will communicate a different mood and tone to the image and the background color should be changed to match that of the subject. Some of the important background colors that are used by photo editing companies and their effects are discussed below.

White Background

Many photo editing services claim that white background is the safest choice most of the times and this is why it is widely used in product images. Using a white background will offer a sense of purity to the product in the image and can be suitable for baby products and food items.

Black Background

It is true that using a black background will look moody, but can highlight the subject very well. Using a black background can offer a mysterious appeal to the product and can be suitable for antiques and ornaments. This background can be great idea to highlight shiny and glittery items.

Purple Background

Purple background can be a great option to impart imagination into the photo. The color can be great for products and to shoot any subject where you need to impart strong imagination. The color can work well in terms of style and can easily amplify the look of the centerpiece.

Gray Background

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Gray is a neutral background color and is capable of improving the subtlety of the image to stress on the main subject of the image. Gray background can be suitable for products like clothing and jewelry, as due to the subtlety of the gray background, eyes of the viewer will be attracted to the highlighted object.

Blue Background

Blue background is a popular color in product photo editing and lighter shades of the color are great at highlighting images of food items. The color also offers a sense of strength to the item that is portrayed in the image.