How to Improve your Post Processing Skills

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The act of creating an image is incomplete without proper post processing. This allows you to change the captured image in ways you like so that you convey the intended message through your image. Below are a few tips by photo editing companies to help you boost your post processing skills.

Deciding the Appropriate Software

Your final image depends on the post processing you have applied on the image. Furthermore, the software you use will decide the quality of photo editing services. Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop are two of the most popular software used by professionals, while other software like Picas and Picmonkey are also ideal for beginners.

Modify the Horizon

In many photographs, you may find a tilt that looks awkward. The leading lines or the horizon should first be straightened before proceeding to the post processing phase. This is essential for the overall stability of the image.

Remove Any Unwanted Elements

Unwanted objects create a distraction when it comes to images. These elements divert the attention of the viewer and might spoil the overall feel of the image. Thus, you should always ensure that unwanted objects are out of your frame. You can remove the unwanted objects with the help of the clone or stamp tool in Photoshop. You also have the same choice in Lightroom when you pick the simple crop function.

Get Rid of Dust Spots

It is very common to have dust particles or specks ruining your photograph when you capture one against an illuminated background. These may affect the overall quality of the image. Hence, remember to remove the disturbances during post processing. You can use the clone tool or the patch tool in Photoshop for that.

This is something that is prominent if you are photographing against a light background, or when converting to black and white. If your sensor is dirty or has minute dust specks, they appear in your photographs.

Control the Exposure and Contrast

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Once you have got rid of undesirable elements in the frame and straightened the horizon properly, you can adjust the exposure of the image. This changes the brightness level of the frame. You can add or remove the light from the image according to the situation. However, bear in mind that an adjustment in brightness will directly affect the contrast level of the image. This can be solved by using the contrast slider in Lightroom. By making the brightest parts brighter and the darkest parts darker, this tool improves the appeal of the image.

Alter Saturation Levels

You can adjust the saturation levels to add a finishing touch to your images. This tool alters the intensity of colors on your image. However, be careful when you use this tool because if you change the saturation by large levels, it will look awkward.

Export for Web or Print

According to how you are going to treat your image, you can decide on a format for your picture. The most common ones include JPEG, JPG, BMP, GIF, and TIFF. The universally accepted format is JPEG.

How to Improve your Post Processing Skills
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