The Improvements By AI In Photography And Photo Editing

Photo Editing Services
Photo Editing Services

In the last 2 years, both mobile phone and mirror less/DSLR cameras have been wheeling towards AI software implementation to improve performance. In addition to this, it helped traditional cameras to fix lens distortions which were previously unfixable and made mobile phones the new compact cameras. Above all it has been extensively implemented in photo editing software from reputable brands. It made photography and photo editing more intuitive, and reduced the learning curve. AI and machine learning is one of the most groundbreaking improvements in the field of photography as well as photo editing services.

Share below are some the improvements that have come about due to AI and machine learning implementation in photography and photo editing.

Photo Management

One of the biggest issues for a photographer and photo editor is managing photos, and it can be daunting when you have huge numbers of digital images from a function. Leading photo editing software uses machine learning to catalogue images.  Besides, they have the capability to assess the image quality, and this helps to eliminate bad quality pictures. It is a blessing as it reduces the time of sorting images from long events. Above all, this feature is used in mobile phone photography as well and not restricted to just professional services.

Photo Editing

The advantages that machine learning has brought into photo editing are many fold improvements and made features that were expensive previously more affordable. It also made the process of photo retouching easier and fast, significantly reducing photo editing time. Some of the improvements are the following.

  • Photo up-scaling increases the resolution and makes images sharper.
  • Sharpening blurry images and this was impossible in the past. This is achieved with the help of machine learning; it uses metadata from the image that has details about the degree of shake or vibration. Utilising that data the AI compensates or negates the blur.
  • Refocusing after the image after it is captured is a common feature in smartphone cameras, but also can be done on professional level. It is achieved with the utilisation of computational photography tools.
  • Creating 360o and panoramic images using machine learning makes the process of stitching and colour correction easier especially for images with a contrasting dynamic range.

Hardware Processing

Photo Retouching Services
Photo Retouching Services

As mentioned in the introduction AI gives advanced auto focusing capabilities for smartphone and mirror less cameras. As it fixes the lens distortions in post processing onboard the camera, it reduces the number of lenses that professionals require as well as makes cameras more capable.  It also reduces the probability of taking unusable and bad quality images and thereby increases the efficiency.

So, AI and machine learning made photography and photo retouching services cheaper and better.

The Improvements By AI In Photography And Photo Editing
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