Incredible Hacks Used in Photoshop for Instant Results

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Photo editing has become very crucial in the present day scenario where everybody wants their photos to be appealing. Unfortunately, not everyone can take professional-level photographs, and hence, various editing methods are used to tackle this. To serve the cause, there are also many photo editing companies who offer the best photo editing services to beautify your photos in a nick of time.

People who cannot afford the help from these photo editing companies can also do this on your own. However, photo editing might not be everyone’s cup of tea. Still, you can turn the table if you know some of the best photo manipulation hacks. Some of the best hacks in Photoshop that are also used by most of the photo editing companies for instant result are given below.

Batch Editing

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If you want to edit a bunch of photos, it is better to choose batch editing method in order to watermark and resize all the images within seconds. The main advantage is that you do not have to open each photo in Photoshop in order to edit them. Instead, make sure that all the photos that you need to edit are saved in a single folder. After saving the images, start batch editing by choosing the Process Multiple Files option from the File menu. After this, you can check out all your enhanced images in your destination folder.

Dodge and Burn Tool

Who does not dream of beautiful sparkling eyes? You can easily achieve the look by using the Dodge and Burn option in Photoshop. The Dodge tool is to lighten the eyes, while the Burn tool is used to darken them. To get the look, open the image in the app and copy the background layer in the beginning. Then, ‘dodge’ the iris by manipulating the Dodge tool settings and also ‘burn’ the outer edge of iris and pupil in order to achieve the twinkling looks. You can also burn the eyelashes and dodge the reflection highlights for an awe-inspiring appeal.

Matte Skin Finish

The skin tones of most people will be oily or shiny and hence, will not be that enticing in the images. With some simple hacks in Photoshop, you can easily mattify your skin. For this, first select a non-shiny or normal area on the skin using the Eyedropper tool. Then, use those settings and paint over the glossy areas with the brush set. Take care to adjust the Opacity level to 15% for better results. After the process, try to do some simple retouching as well on the face in order to achieve out-of-the-world look.