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Latest Trends in Wedding Photography

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Wedding photography is an area that has many varying trends and styles. In fact, there are different styles of editing wedding images too. Some of these styles are evergreen. For instance, the natural looking wedding images that feature clean and bright editing is an evergreen editing style in wedding photography. At the same time, HDR processed, sepia tones, dark and moody, special effects are some of the contemporary trends in wedding photography.

The wedding image editing style selected by professional Photoshop services depends on the interest of the client and the latest trends. Below are some of the different trends in wedding photography prevailing at present.

Matte Look

Matte images will offer a feel that a slightly hazy filter is applied to the image. In this type of editing, the image might look soft and not very sharp. In addition, this type of image does not translate well when changed to the printed format.

Bright, Light, and Airy Images

Bright and airy images provide a sense of natural and clean editing to the viewer. These images will have lots of emotions and can make the viewer happy. In this type of wedding image editing, the photos will look really clean and natural.

Dark and Moody

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Dark and moody editing is a comparatively recent trend in wedding photography. It has become popular real quick as these images can look very romantic and provide a cinematic feel to it. In this type of editing, there will be more saturation in some parts compared to others, making some skin tones looks a bit unnatural.

De-Saturated Elements

In the de-saturated style of image editing all then colors in the image will look muted, meaning that the bright colors like green or red will be toned down to make them appear less bright. In addition, overall de-saturation of the images makes the skin color look washed out and muted. This style has become much popular these days. In this type of wedding image editing, it is very common for the bright green outdoor foliage to be toned down.

HDR Editing

By definition, high dynamic range editing works really well with images of nature and landscapes. HDR editing brings out the bright colors to make images of landscapes pop. However, this type of editing is not suitable for all types of photography. Therefore, it is wise to tone down the contrast and colors while using HDR editing in wedding images.