Main Features of Sky Replacement Service for Real Estate Photos

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The clear blue or the azure sky makes for a pristine background and can enhance the curb appeal of an architectural photograph with a property. Such photos shot against a sky backdrop play an important role in luring the potential buyers to the real estate gallery. It is here that real estate photo editing services such as sky replacement can contribute to a slightly less cloudy appearance and bring out the beauty of the property.

Not always will you come across clear blue skies in real estate photography due to challenges in natural lighting, but stock photos at the disposal of professional Photoshop services devoted to real estate can help edit the backdrop of the property photo at fast turnaround time. The basic intention of sky change service is replacing the gloomy or cloudy sky lingering in the backdrop with a clear one in order to make the architectural fixture standout against a firmament backdrop.

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Note that it is not same as skyline photographs, where property photos are captured from a vantage point, but from a relatively flat angle in comparison. In fact, sky change service can comprise of inclusion of the azure to the backdrop of real estate photos even if clear blue skies are not captured in the first place. Assuming the property photo is shot against a gloomy sky backdrop, changing the pale color of the sky to clear blue can go a long way in making the backdrop more alluring.

Real estate photo editing services match the color of the sky backdrop with that of the property in order to render an element of balanced contrast ration to the final image. If the clients need, photo editors can improve the backdrop color by enhancing the saturation levels in sky replacement service. Oddly enough, it includes adding a skyline background alongside a reflective foreground to an architectural photo. It is one of the features of sky replacement, which clients shall consider or leave out as per need.

Besides that, editors can add certain elements to the skyline backdrop such as flying birds, lightning effect or rainbows if realtors need to upload real estate photos on a gallery or print on brochures. Lighting and shadows can be synchronized while blending an old sky with a new one, in turn, creating an unmatched curb appeal to the overall photo.