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Parameters Of Product Photo Editing For E-Commerce Products

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Optimized photographs will help consumers understand the features of a product when they visit an e-commerce portal. E-commerce portals often use product photos with legibility for converting regular consumers into prospect buyers. Product photo editing for e-commerce will work on certain parameters to enhance the legibility of product photos as explained below.

Usage of Ghost Mannequins

Freelance photographers of e-commerce clients will use physical mannequins on apparels while shooting. Editors indulged will clip the mannequin afterwards by using the clipping path tool in Photoshop. Also known as invisible mannequins, ghost mannequins are created by editors to enhance the view of the product photo. Editors create ghost mannequin effects for consumers by dropping a shadow on apparels or a reflection on a jewel photo’s background in clipping path service.

2D to 3D Conversion Services

E-commerce clients will want to render 360-degree rotation on 3D photos. 2D to 3D conversion will improve your product photograph’s view and will help consumers zoom-in to the photo and examine the finer details of the product from up close. Moreover, 3D photos will give consumers a chance to explore the product on all angles on an e-commerce portal. This is why 3D photos are used mainly for clothing apparels, shoes, bags, electronics, etc.

Color Saturation and Perspective Correction

Clipping Path Service
Background Removal Service

Photo color will aid the buying choice of consumers hence all available colors of the product needs to be rendered on catalog page. For instance, if the product color is hue red with light intensity and the color of the snapped photo is monochrome red, product photo editing services will intensify color saturation to bring out an exact color. Perspective correction, on the other hand, will fix the alignment issues on the photo such as horizontal distortions or vertical distortions.

Background Enhancement and Cropping

Cropping unwanted elements from an image or its background will compress and reduce the file size. E-commerce portals often use black and white backgrounds or nil background. Slightly different from ghost mannequin effects, background removal service need not require physical mannequins as a must in product photography. Besides, cropped images will also mean efficient usage of a given space on the e-commerce portal.

Availing product photo editing services for e-commerce will help you to optimize the product image for web and get the best results. Moreover, it also helps you to focus on other core competencies of e-commerce.