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Photo editing discussions can spark controversies at times, as different photographers and photo editing services will have different opinions on making changes on the pictures. From changing the skin tone of a person to cropping away extra pounds, different photo editors will have different opinions. However, photo editing companies and photographers will never have different opinion on the statement that the photos to be published on newspapers do need professional editing.

As soft newspaper has a gray tint, that will make unedited photos look flat and muddy. Editing is also needed to make the images fit the visual format and frame of the newspaper. The various image-editing techniques used to make the images in newspapers pop are discussed below.

Contrast Adjustment

It is important to increase the contrast of images to be published in newspapers before submitting for editorial approval. All colors in the image should be vibrant, with bright highlights and dark shadows with distinct details. Muted and soft images small tonal ranges cannot be reproduced well on the newspaper. Photo editing services can help you increase the contrast in the shadows, mid tones, and highlights of these images to offer clarity and definition to them, so that they look attractive on the newspaper.

Color Adjustment

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The preview screen of digital cameras is not calibrated to the standards of the printing presses or computers. The images captured by digital cameras need to be edited and adjusted based on the specifications of the press output, to offer a realistic look to the colors in the image. Experienced technicians in photo editing companies will be able to edit images as per these specifications to make your digital images pop in newspapers.

Cropping For Space

Images printed on newspapers can be oriented vertically or horizontally based on the availability of space on the paper. The news editor may use landscape or portrait orientation for your images while designing the pages and may crop parts of the image due to limitations in space. This can change the content as well as the emotion conveyed by the image. The best way to avoid this is to get many images edited by photo editing services in landscape and portrait format, and submit them to the newspaper.

Web- Ready Images

As most of the newspapers these days offer the same content in print and online media, you will need to provide two copies of each image, one for the web and the other for the print version. Resolution requirements will be different for the two copies of the image, as the online images will be resized to 72 dpi, which is a very low resolution when compared to the 300 dpi resolution requirement for paper.

Photo Editing At The Newspaper Offices
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