Photo Editing Steps For Print Media

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We all know that all good journalism needs editing, and this include images too. Editing is an important part of photojournalism and people working with images should know the procedures and principles of editing. Some of the steps that are involved in photo editing for print media are discussed below.


Many factors go into the decision of a photojournalist to use a specific image, although there are no clear guidelines to govern the selection process. The key purposes of publishing images with the content are to grab the attention of the reader and to supplement the con tent. The image that is published with the article should serve these causes.


Cropping involves cutting out parts of the image. The main purposes of cropping are to get rid of unwanted parts of the image and to enhance and emphasize the parts of the image. Some of the elements in the image may be unnecessary to the subject and these parts should be eliminated for better focus on the core piece. These parts may not be wasteful, but can be distracting. Tight cropping of the images is as important as editing the content.


Photos to be printed often needs some enhancements and adjustments, and photo editing software helps to make adjustments in color, brightness, contrast, or sharpness of the image. The image enhancing should be done with two principles in mind:

  • The basic subject of the image should not be changed by editing.
  • It is good to do too little, than too much.

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Sizing And Scaling

Scaling involves steps to change the size of an image by enlarging the image or reducing it, yet keeping the proportions of the original image intact. The image that is chosen to use in publication will not be in the exact size that is needed. Reduction or enlargement will be needed to make the image fit the column widths. The photo editor will also need to find out the depth of the reproduction of the image, while enlarging or reducing the image.

At times, the editor may also need to make changes to the resolution of the image, especially if the image is to be displayed in an online portal. The image editor should also be knowledgeable about making changes to the resolution of the image.

Photo Editing Steps For Print Media
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