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Photo Retouching Services for Jewelry

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Retouching the looks of designer jewelry photographs will be essential especially when promoting the product through an online platform or via print media. Even for apparels, product photographs using a drop shadow is a standard retouching task for e-commerce; however, jewels may need a reflective shadow to entice the attention of the customers.

A drop shadow would give the impression the product is raised above the backdrop and is hovering in free space. The effect done can make the product seem it is having a faint glow. Using a reflection shadow in clipping path service, on the other hand, the product can be made to look as if it was captured on a reflective surface such as a highly glossy table. They create an impression the product in the image has depth and texture.

Yet again, there are many other photo retouching services to be considered as well to make the jewelry products more clear and enticing. Below are a few techniques a clipping path service would adopt for editing jewelry photos.

Lessening the Black Spot on the Jewel

Lessening of the black spots from any product photographs is done to make the photo to-be rendered in an e-commerce portal appealing to the naked eye. As with rendering of a jewel product of a specific high-profile brand, the lessening of black spots is important for establishing the brand recall in the consumers’ mind.

Reducing the Reflection of the Lights

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Reflection shadow refers to a technique wherein editors mirror an object in a photo around the axis creating a mirrored variant of the object. They are ideal for imitation ornaments and real ornaments including Gold and Platinum.

In clipping path service, editors use layers and a white backdrop behind the photo, remove the backdrop to mask the product from the backdrop, and refine the borders with feathered selections. Moreover, they add a gradient mask to the reflection layer to make it look a bit blurred and the product in the foreground more striking.

Optimizing the Brightness

Retouching the brightness for promoting the jewels will make the product more comprehensible when uploaded or printed. Jewelry photos have a higher refractive index, so they have a curb appeal by default. The brightness can be made into comprehensible and attractive when retouching the photo.