OLD PHOTOS always have some unforgettable memories attached to them and everyone wants to preserve them for longer time. Photo Editing India’s PHOTO RESTORATION AND PHOTO RETOUCHING SERVICES can help you enhance the image and even preserve them forever.

We can convert those old torn, damaged and faded photos into really attractive images by taking all the necessary care. OLD IMAGES are always precious and that is the reason why we take utmost care while handling them.

Our specialized photo retouching services team is experts in picture restoration and uses the latest technologies and software tools to convert / remove the scars from the images. Our experienced and skilled specialists in this field will quickly add attractive background and fill life into your old images.

The old aged images fade over a period of time and would require photo repair. We undertake small / large volumes of PHOTO RESTORATION & RETOUCHING PROJECTS and deliver high quality enhanced images in minimum turnaround time at reasonable and affordable prices.

Usually the old photos will have lot of defects in them such as improper / excess lighting, errors caused by limitations in the old cameras etc. Further, due to long period keeping of these images, there will be scratches, finger prints, cracks and damages which need to be taken care of to restore the original glory of an image. Our team of experts at PHOTO EDITING INDIA with professional photo restoration services can REMOVE ALL THOSE FLAWS IN AN IMAGE and make it look vibrant. We virtually convert an image shot 50 years ago into a recent taken photograph with the use of latest technologies.

We understand the fact that photo restoration is about REMOVING THE DEFECTS / DISTRACTIONS IN THE IMAGE and focus on the intended section rather than just hiding the flaws. Being a photo restoration company, we understand the fact that it is not a child’s game. The task requires greater degree of skills in image editing with the use of Photoshop. Over the years, we have served thousands of clients across India and other countries towards antique photo restoration, online photo restoration, digital photo restoration etc.

The process involves the below mentioned steps.

    1. Fix together any torn part of an image
    2. Carefully removing the dirt or spots on the image
    3. Scanning the image with high resolution scanner
    4. Adjust the color and contrast and make it a normal image
    5. Fill color wherever necessary
    6. Balance brightness so as to make it look elegant
    7. Bring uniformity in the picture i.e. make all the body organs look similar color
    8. Fixing of red eye
    9. Focus on sharpness and detailing of an image
    10. Finally give the output in various formats so as to suit your requirement

Our photo restoration prices are competitive if not cheap. You can be rest assured that all our services provide 100% satisfaction and can help you PRESERVE YOUR OLD IMAGES FOREVER in a better way.


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