Photography Styles to Enhance your Photos

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When it comes to professional picture editing, it is common to have a great image on your hands on not know what to do with it. In such situations, it is a good idea to go with the photography style, which suits the picture. You can choose from a variety of filters and presets to make the wanted changes. Most photo effects you will think of using, are simply short forms of the photography styles mentioned below.

High Contrast

This style of photography attaches a sense of drama to the scenery in the photo. A simple, natural look will hold a different kind of appeal when viewed through this filter. It is a cinematic look, which if used right, can make objects and colors stand out. When this style is applied to pictures, you get a more professional look.

Soft Haze/Muted

This style removes the colors in the image and gives it an illusory look, akin to a dreamy feeling. You can turn to such images when you need to put text headlines inside, for the reason that the image will not get in the way of text legibility. Image quality can also be compromised on. If the original picture is grainy or noisy, you can use this filter.


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Very similar to the soft haze effect, this setting makes your image into a black and white one, and then overlays it with a single color. Since ‘mono’ translates to ‘one’, the image will have only one color. For creating a pure image, you can set the blending mode to color value. It would be prefect if you are going to use white or negative text, as long as enough contrasting color is used. In order to make these colors stand out, the image opacity will have to be set very low.


This is an aged style, which makes the picture look like an old photograph. What comes with it is a sense of history. It can make even the most ordinary image look more interesting. This effect makes use of composition rules. To put a retro look, you need to fade out the black and then fill in the white portions of the image. To this, add the gradient you wish to apply over the image. You can also make adjustments to the hue/saturation settings.

Photography Styles to Enhance your Photos
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