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Points to Note When Outsourcing to a Clipping Path Company

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In graphic design, clipping path is mostly used to separate the backdrop from the subject of a product photo and place it on a different, transparent background. Clipping path service is also sometimes referred to as deep etching, as it involves outlining anchor points and cutting out an outlined silhouette. It is a designing task, which involves a lot of skill on the part of a specialist in image clipping tools.

A clipping path company employs proficient staffs to manually draw the vector path, as that is a more accurate way to outline the area of the photo that forms a cutout. Although there are several plugins and automated tools for the background removal process in Adobe Photoshop, the best clipping path results often come through manually drawing the vector using the Pen tool in the software.

The Clipping Path Tools

A Magic Wand tool does help in separating the object from the background much quickly in comparison, but Pen Tool is known for cutting out the area with feathered selections. Still, an automatic clipping path service will save the time of deep etching, so choosing a clipping path company that provides the same will obviously result in time and costs savings. However, if you want perfection in deep etching, always choose a clipping path service that provides the manual editing.

If you find a company that provides both the clipping path options, you can manage high volume product photo requirements and get vector cutouts with a sufficient quality.

The Clipping Path Process

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Only perfection of outlining the borders of a to-be-cut object in the image will ensure that its portions appear as it should in the final image. For instance, if your product photo is that of a bag, it is important that the photo editor working on the clipping path can ensure that the cutout has the fringes of the bag.

Only feathered selections will ensure the product is fully visible to the customers of a website or an e-commerce portal where the photograph will be uploaded eventually. As expertise in clipping path comes with time and practice, it will be better to go for a clipping path company that has loads of experience in the field.

If you are planning to outsource your photographs for a deep etching service, give an emphasis on the quality than the turnaround time. Obviously, you would want the quality of the cutout good enough to grab the attention of potential customers and actually buy the product.