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Portrait Retouching Mistakes to Avoid

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Portrait Retouching Mistakes

The days when the original photographs were used as the final product are long gone. Nowadays, every single photograph is subjected to editing whether it is a personal photograph or a commercial one. The professional picture editing has become an integral part of the photography field these days. In fact, it is as important as capturing the images in the first part. The same thing is applicable when it comes to portrait images as well. Note that it requires great skills, workmanship, and a large amount of processing in order to make a portrait photo as flawless as possible.

Unlike most other photo retouching services, portrait photo editing involves a series of actions such as accentuating the facial features, removing blemishes, applying finishing touches, removing facial hair, manipulating the skin tone, etc.  Hence, the chances for you to make some mistakes while dealing with portrait photo retouching services are relatively more. Some of those common mistakes that you must avoid at any cost in this case are listed below.

Enlarging the Eyes of the Subject

Even skilled photo editing labors tend to make this mistake. Currently, it has become a trend to enlarge and highlight the eyes of people in the portrait using the liquefying tool. It is true that larger eyes are more attractive than the smaller ones, but it does not necessarily suit the face of every person. Plus, it can make the image of the person look extremely different from the original or say, unrealistic and synthetic.

Over-Smoothing the Skin

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Everyone would love people with smooth and flawless skin. Hence, skin smoothening has become one of the common portrait photo retouching services now irrespective of whether the editor is a professional or an unskilled person. However, smoothing the skin too much is not a good idea since it will make the person in the portrait to look radically different from the original. You can see this phenomenon in most movies and advertisement ads. Editors tend to remove every single dark spot, blemish, and pimple on the face or skin of the subject as well as to brighten up the skin tone in this case. Some editors may do smoothing to an extent that they opt to remove the contours and ridges of the subject. This may eventually end up in an image of a person, who looks plastic.

Employing the Clarity Tool in an Excessive Amount

The clarity tool in Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom is one of the most used options when it comes to portrait photography or any other professional picture editing services. While it accentuates the skin tone of the subject and makes it look appealing and realistic, it will highlight the wrinkles, dark spots, pimples, etc., on the skin. Hence, applying the clarity tool in an excessive amount can make your subjects look way older and unhealthy than they actually are. Obviously, no one would love such a photo editing result.