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Preparing Images For A Blog Post

Photo Editing Services
Culling The Photographs

Most bloggers, especially the most experienced ones prefer to edit images before uploading it to their blog post. Photo editing may seem like a demanding task for novices to Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Lightroom. If you are one among them, then you could seek the help of photo editing services to make your images look stunning.

Below are some of the best practices in photo editing that you can implement in your next blogging session. You could also get in touch with professional Photoshop services that can make the best photos with ideal composition settings. Expert photo editors who have access to most modern photo editing software tools can easily bring the desired results to your image, which means that it is best to seek their help.

Culling the Photographs

Since photographers capture a moment from different angles until they find the perfect backdrop and composition, selecting the ideal images for your blog posts is the first and most important thing to do. If you upload the photographs into Lightroom, you can flag select photographs and also delete the ones that you feel less impressive. If you can’t decide which photographs are ideal to retouch, photo editors can help you with that.

Editing the Viewable Portions

Professional Photoshop Services
Photo Composition Misalignment

Once the photographs are selected, it is time to upload them into Adobe Photoshop for editing them at one go. As per the issues, you find in the photo’s composition, choose the tools from the software to give it a little tweak and make the appearance of the photo more impressive. Below are some of the most commonly encountered photography mistakes and the respective tools in Photoshop to cleanse them.

  • Photo Composition Misalignment: Using the crop tool, you can remove the unwanted portions on the photo’s backdrop and using the straighten tool you can align the subject in the foreground.
  • Overexposure or Underexposure: Using the curve tool, you can tweak the photo’s histogram and make them well exposed. For instance, the upper-right of the histogram reflects the highlights of the photo and the lower right the shadows.
  • Photos with Stronger Highlights and Shadows: If the photograph for your blog post looks weary, use the shadow and highlights in Photoshop in order to either reduce the shadowy areas or rectify the washed-out areas on the photo.
  • Improve other Compositional Aspects: Color Correction, White balance adjustments, saturation and color contrast can also be adjusted with the help of Photoshop tools.

Once the photo edits are done, you need to upload the same in a format which is supported by the web. Resize the photograph even they are captured in a high-resolution camera since the upload-ready file has to be small. Consider a width of 1000 pixels when resizing. The cameras may have RG color profile but the web needs sRGB format.