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Preserving Old Photos And Images Digitally

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Preserving Old Photos

It is common that some of your photo collections will be much organized with photo boxes and albums labeled by date, while some others are just big and jumbled mess that needs hectic work to sort them out. If you found yourself in such a situation, the tips shared here by photo editing services will offer you an insight on how to preserve your old and valuable images.

Get The Images Digital

Digitizing is much important step in the preservation old photos, scrapbooks, and albums. You should understand that the ink of the handwritten captions fades much faster than the ink of the printed images. If you see some really delicate albums in your collection, the best way is to outsource the digitizing work to a photo editing company. The scanning of the images should include:

  • Notes on the back of the photos;
  • Month/day stamps on the photos; and
  • Handwriting under the photo on a scrapbook.
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Digitizing Images

It is also important to scan the backside of the images if you are looking to keep memories alive. If you wish to see the image and the writing at the back together, you can combine both of them into a single file. This is a good idea to keep the images original. If you are outsourcing the digitizing work to a professional photo editing company, let them know about your needs and requirements clearly, as this will help avoid any confusion in the future.

Crop And Caption

While scanning the page of a scrapbook, make sure that you scan all the necessary information. After that, crop the image that is necessary using some basic cropping tools and save the image with a suitable caption. You can repeat the steps with all the images in your collection and it will be a good idea to add serial numbers with the name of the image to avoid future confusion.

If you need to preserve the integrity of the original images and save the images with their captions, do not crop flush the image. Make sure that you leave some space to include the caption while cropping the image. This will offer a nostalgic look and feel to the image.