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Procedure and Tips to Achieve Perfect HDR Images

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Perfect HDR Images

HDR or High Dynamic Range photos are highly in demand for the real estate photo editing services. There are also many photo editing companies who offer the best HDR photography services to their clients. This is because of its magical power to deal with all the shortfalls of the cameras and the monitors.

The main use of HDR is that they capture the range of light and shadows in the frame that a camera cannot. Moreover, the photos without HDR editing will look dull and faint, as the computer monitor is not able to display such brightness range.

How to Shoot Perfect HDR Image

  • Shoot your frame multiple times to accommodate various exposure ranges from different angles. The data from these multiple images will create a truly high dynamic range image. Having said that, take care not to overload the images, as they can reduce the quality of your images.
  • Upload it to Photoshop, where all these photos are compressed to one image in the HDR program. This can be done using Tone Mapping, which is done following certain algorithms. Moreover, you have to choose the best software algorithms like HDR Soft’s Photomatix and Nix software’s HDR Effex Pro.
  • Adjust the contrast range so that the photo looks real and beautiful. Note that there are many beautiful photos that are destroyed because of its high saturation range and odd colors. So do not manipulate the contrast and color range so much that the photo looks surreal.

You can also create the HDR effect without using an HDR camera. Here, you do not have to click multiple images; instead, shoot one image that captures the entire range of shadows and light.

Tips to Capture Perfect HDR Image


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It is better to shoot in RAW mode rather than JPEG to accommodate a wide dynamic range. You can also set the color temperature of your photos very easily in RAW as they great color temperature latitudes.

Use a Tripod

Using a tripod to shoot the HDR images will be wise because of the stability they offer. It will capture all images identical to the previous ones, but with different exposure settings. Additionally, a tripod can accommodate the wide dynamic range.

Perfect Time

The proper time to use HDR is during the sunrise and sunset, especially when you are shooting into the sun. Here, the lights from the highlights and the shadows will not be good.