Rendering an Image Transparent Using Photoshop

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Rendering an image transparent, opens up myriad avenues to enhance the material you have in hand. One way forward from there, is combining pictures to make something new, or adding a largely transparent brand logo to an opaque image, like so many photo editing companies do.

Many beginners to professional picture editing lack the knowledge of how an image is made transparent using Photoshop – the most popular image-tweaking tool currently on the scene. Following are the methods you could use to make this happen.

Make Layers Transparent

This is one way to make an image intended for your portfolio, transparent. After you do this, the layer can be added to another image, or placed onto products without you needing to worry about opacity and edges. Layers can even be used to touch-up photos.

  • Choose the right layer by selecting the Layers tab (this will resemble a folded page).
  • Choose the opacity level in the box above that. It will be 100% by default, but you can bring this down to even 0 if you like.
  • Save the image in the PNG format, so that its transparency is retained.

Create Transparent Selections

To combine or merge images in your portfolio, you may need to make just parts of a layer transparent. For this, you would need to pick a layer just like in the above method, but also ensure the below layers remain transparent. Choose the right area with a selection tool, and then do the following.

  • Right-click the proper area and choose Copy to copy it.
  • Delete the selected region by hitting the Delete
  • Paste the copied section in a new layer.
  • Bring down the opacity like you did in the previous method.

Make a Transparent Background

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If you wish for the focus of the image to be opaque and clear, but the background to allow combining and moving pictures, then you need to make the existing background transparent first. For this, you would need to do the following.

  • Open Photoshop and choose File, and then choose New.
  • Go to the Background Contents area and choose Transparent; then, click OK.
  • Head to the Layers section and ensure this shows as a checkered gray-and-white box. If it does, that means the layer is already transparent.
  • Add your image here.

After placing the image on the transparent background, any extras or edges can be easily removed. Use either the Eraser or the Magic Eraser tool for this.

Rendering an Image Transparent Using Photoshop
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