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Shadowy And Reflective Product Photos Are Edited In Photoshop

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The shadows and reflections are generated in stock photos through Photoshop, a popular product photo editorial software. Editors using Photoshop retain the quality of a product photo and keep the curb appeal of the same with professional touch.

Why Product Photos Use Shadows And Reflections

Sometimes in stock photography, imagery gets too dark due to backlighting mistakes or dim when a flashy camera get placed too close to the subject. The shadow highlight command won favors from expert editors because it retouches photos that are either dark or way too dim.

To use the commands, firstly the editor removes unwanted objects in the background via clipping paths in Photoshop. The editors mix the tools, magic wand, background eraser, or pen tool, accordingly to create eye-catchy product photos. Once the photo background is replaced with a white background, editors proceed to put shadows and reflections to make product photos look genuine.

Where Are Shadowy And Reflective Photos Used

The reflections are fancied by the web mainly to make the product stand out from the image background in the non-white background photo. Most clients of a clipping path company prefer shadows as the edited product photos in e-commerce use white background. However, some online clients still use the reflective product photos for jewels, since customers seek luxury in an ornament they may want an edited output in accordance to that.

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When editors open a stock file with the default background in Photoshop and put a white layer in the background, two layers get created, one the original background and second, the layered white background. If background removal is required, selecting the photo alone will highlight it separately from the background. Then the effects can be added accordingly with further duplicate layers.

For instance, if you want a shadowy effect on the photograph, the editor from your clipping path company will add a gradient mask and blur the same by a wee bit. Apart from that, editors also put company logos in the same method enhancing genuinely in the product photo. However, do an extensive research about product photo editing to see if the requirements you have are in accordance with the skills of your clipping path company, before you hand over them the task.