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Simple Tips for Optimizing Images for Web Use

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Recent surveys conducted by online marketers revealed a shocking conclusion that internet users prefer not to spend time on web pages that do not contain any attractive images. So, if your website has nothing more to offer other than texts, then internet users will be a little hesitant to check out your web page, which will in turn prevent your business from building a strong online presence.

The good news is that you will be able to avoid such hassles and lure in more customers towards your business website by updating the site with high-quality images of your products. Attractive and stunning product images have the unique ability to force your potential customers to check out your offerings and it may even encourage them to buy your products.

An interesting thing to note is that several businessmen often complain that adding too many high-quality images to their website will considerably reduce the page loading speed of their website. The reality is that these businesses are failing to realize the fact that they can fit more images into a smaller region by simple optimizing their digital images. In addition to that, this will improve the page load speed of the site and allows to upload images a lot faster.

That said, image optimization is actually a bit difficult technique, which means that it is best to hire a professional picture editing company who has performed the task numerous times. Expert photo editing services will also have access to most modern photo editing tools and other software applications that will help them to optimize your image for web and advertising campaigns. Below are a few simple yet efficient image optimization tips that are strictly followed by professional picture editing companies.

Image Straightening

If the camera was tilted or crooked while capturing your digital images, then they may look a bit misaligned and less appealing to viewers. In such a scenario, photo editors incorporate the use of the Measure tool in Adobe Photoshop to properly align your misaligned images.

In addition to that, they will also straighten out the image to improve its overall appeal. In some cases, photo editing services use the Crop tool in Adobe Photoshop during the process of image straightening. This is because this handy tool enables them to crop and trim the unwanted parts in digital images at a rapid pace.

Image Cropping

The most digital image even the ones that are captured by professional photographers may contain a few distractions or unwanted areas. This means that you will surely have to edit or retouch almost all digitally captured images. The technique of image cropping enables you to easily remove the distractions in the background of your image.

Once photo editors have removed the distracting elements from the background of your image, they will try to highlight the main subject in the image. This will make your product look a lot more attractive to viewers and they will certainly feel the need to check out the product that you are selling.

Background Removal

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It might come as a surprise to many businessmen when they hear the fact that background removal is one of the commonly used photo editing techniques when it comes to website image optimization. The background of some product images might not be that appealing and in some cases, these distracting backgrounds may even make the entire image look bad to others.

If that is the case, then photo editing services will remove the unappealing background from your image and replace them with new ones by using the Pen tool of Adobe Photoshop.

Drop Shadow

It is significant to note that the drop shadow is actually an excellent web image optimization technique that is often used to make the image suitable for web use. For instance, the use of shading offers incredible depth to ordinary digital images and makes them look extraordinary.

Adding image shading or drop shadow to an uninteresting and flat image will bring life into it. The insufficient color contrast in the product images will also be fixed during this photo editing process. The amount of shading in the edited images will surely be both attractive and eye-catching.

Image Resizing

It is true that the process of image cropping will surely reduce the measurements or dimensions of digital images, but it is not the same as image resizing. The technique of image resizing allows customers to downsize their product images as to how they please, which is not entirely possible with image cropping.

Once professional picture editing experts have reduced the size of the product images, then they will save all the images in the Save for Web & Device format on Adobe Photoshop. This will also reduce the size of the image, which in turn improves the page load speed of your business website.