Skin Retouching: Things you Must Consider When on it

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Manipulating the photos has become one of the common things at the present time. This is mainly because of its abilities to convert even the worst photo into the one that you desire. There are many photo enhancement techniques, with which, you can add various filters and effects into your photos and beautify them.

One of the common techniques used in photo editing is the skin retouching. This is used to create a gorgeous and realistic skin, which will be a dream of almost every person. There are many things, which you must consider while doing this photo retouching techniques. Some of those crucial things are given below.

Make it Realistic

The main thing that you must consider to make the photo look realistic is to balance the skin tone perfectly. Usually, the skin tone of your face may not match with the rest of your body because of the light and other effects. This will make your face look lighter than the rest of your body. In order to adjust the darkness and brightness of the skin, manipulate the Curves tool. The saturation and hue tool also contribute to this purpose. Furthermore, try to give a balanced skin tone rather than trying out different lighter tones.

Remove Skin Blemishes

Remove all the skin blemishes that are distracting. Some blemishes on the skin will be attractive as well and hence you must figure out what to remove and what not to remove. The distracting blemishes mainly include the cuts and bruises, as they are not natural in your facial skin.

Do Not Overdo Things

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Remove Skin Blemishes

People often overdo retouching in order to make their photos pop. This may make your photos look over-dramatic or may ruin your photos in extreme cases. So, always keep the retouching at a minimum level in order to enhance your photo, but with a realistic or natural appeal. Only do brushing and darkening the area that truly requires it; else, adjust the skin tone alone.

Do Not Manipulate the Adjustment Layer

There are times when you feel that the adjustment mode that you chose is not the right one. At this point, it is better to delete the whole adjustment layer and try again rather than making adjustments on the layer. Even though starting the work all over again might be little tiring and discouraging, it is will avoid the loss of the major amount of work.

Anatomy is Crucial

It is necessary to highlight or downplay certain parts of the image in order to get the perfect one. The main aspects that you can play within skin retouching are cheekbones, jaw lines, lip shapes, brow lines, etc. However, take care not to go overboard so as to keep it natural.

Skin Retouching: Things you Must Consider When on it
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