Smart Hacks to Edit your Real Estate Photos

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Taking excellent photographs of your property is not enough if you intend to make a lasting impact on your customers. This is why you need to incorporate impressive post-processing to make your photographs attractive. Below are a few tips to help you improve your interior product photo editing.

Straighten Out the Lines

Make sure you straighten out the lines. This will add flair and polish up your photos. If you captured the photos at a height of five feet from the floor and ensured that your camera was level, you will not have to work much on straightening.

Fill in and Even Out the Light

Prior to making adjustments to the exposure and brightness, rectify the lens vignetting that could have occurred. The effect is common in wide lens cameras. In this, the corners of the image become a bit darker.

After you correct the corners, you can proceed with the adjustment brush to correct the exposure of bright or dark areas. It is recommended to keep increasing the exposure until the brightness is too much and then pull back to bring the brightness to adequate levels.

Adjust the Clarity and Sharpness

Clarity is a great option to adjust your photos without disturbing the contrast levels of the photo. Changing clarity gives a crisp look to your photos. According to the image, you can darken the black regions too.

These minute changes might not make your photos equivalent to one processed by a professional photo editing service, but will certainly make sure that they look more attractive.

Clean Up with Spot Removal and Cloning

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Spot brush is a great tool for removing dust spots or other aberrations that might have sneaked into your photo. The clone and heal option are great for this purpose. The healing option is effective in removing the small spots. It can blend the spots smoothly into your photographs.

Further, the cloning tool will help you to remove any glares from your photos. This can also help you remove the address numbers.

Make Color Corrections

Make adjustments in temperature to bring the feeling of warmth to your pictures. Do not forget that your objective is to increase the warmth not the yellowish shade of the image.

In addition, you can increase the vibrance instead of changing saturation. Oversaturation will make your photos look fake. Hence, vibrance is the best alternative on this occasion. This will give the color of your image a much needed boost while keeping the colors natural.

Smart Hacks to Edit your Real Estate Photos
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