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Why Perspective Correction Technique is Needed in Multiple Segments

If your architectural photos seem like leaning backward or forward to the naked eye, it may leave a wrong impression on the viewers. With perspective correction technique, editors will correct the horizontal or vertical distortions on the photo for better legibility. Vertical lines may appear on product photos as well due to tilting of the […]

Basic Editing Processes Implemented By Photo Editing Companies

Several amateur photo editors and newbies who want to learn photo editing often ask what are the basic editing techniques that they should perform on a digital image to make it look a lot more elegant. Interestingly, there is no standard answer to that, as photo editors perform a number of photo editing processes on […]

How Editors In Photo Retouching Work On A Fashion Photograph

Stock photographs with .raw file extension have a mix bag of light, color, and tones in fashion photography. Shooting stock photographs in RAW format would let editors edit the same in Lightroom and then retouch in Photoshop using different tools and commands in the software. Editors balance out shadows and reflections on the photo and […]

About Professional Time-Lapse Photo Editing

Technicalities in time-lapse photography include deciding a subject, determining precisely at which intervals the photos should be taken, photographing sequentially, and editing accordingly. Time-lapse photos become a living montage when photographers and professional photo editing service indulge in the batch editing process. For instance, think of a fast bowler running up and releasing the ball […]

Where Do Professional Editors Use Luminosity Masking Feathers?

Out in the cold, they wait; in the downpour, they hope; and at night, they look upwards for clear blue skies. A photographer welcomes clear blue skies, especially if they are capturing a skyline photograph with an HDR cam. The best way forward for photographers to create High Dynamic Range (HDR) image is to bank […]

Shadows In Product Photo Editing

Professional photo editors have come through the ranks and emerged as some of the foremost thinkers in photo editing field. Having Photoshop and Adobe Lightroom to their backing, shadows and highlights can be accentuated on a product photograph triumphantly. It is said that most of the clients of a clipping path company – e-commerce, advertisers, […]

Shadowy And Reflective Product Photos Are Edited In Photoshop

The shadows and reflections are generated in stock photos through Photoshop, a popular product photo editorial software. Editors using Photoshop retain the quality of a product photo and keep the curb appeal of the same with professional touch. Why Product Photos Use Shadows And Reflections Sometimes in stock photography, imagery gets too dark due to […]

Top 3 Photoshop Plugins Used For Background Removal

Every good photo editor and photographer understands that the quality of photo retouching services will entirely depend on the software applications that they used for the editing process. This is the reason why you should find an experienced clipping path company to do your photo retouching works. If you want to ensure that your final […]

Things To Consider While Choosing Image Manipulation Service

Businesses and individuals need to put up images in catalogs, business cards, and many other advertising supplies. Images provided on these advertising supplies help to capture the attention of customers and lay a vital role in modern marketing. The quality of the images provided on the various advertising supplies is a very important factor that […]

Things You May Not Know About Fashion And Beauty Skin Retouching

Fashion and beauty skin retouching is a photo editing technique that requires great attention to detail. But if you happen to overdo this process, then it will certainly take away the attraction element of your digital image and make it look a lot less attractive to viewers. This is the reason why many businesses seek […]

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