Product Photo Editing

Best Practices to Follow While Sharing Product Images

We all understand the importance of sharing product images on online stores. These images can be the most important element of product listings. In fact, the difference between amateur and professional product images can easily make or break sales in your online store. Product images effectively communicate the details of the item in ways the […]

Basics of Apparel Photo Editing and Retouching

There are actually three common ways to shoot apparels – flat, on a hanger or mannequin, and on a model. These images captured are then edited and retouched as needed (light, medium, or heavy levels of retouching). Outdoor apparels usually call for raw natural looks, while the luxury brands will need a glamorous appearance. Photo […]

Color Correction Services For Photographers

Color correction service is an image editing service that is mostly used to improve images to make them eye catching. Color balancing and correction refers to the process of adjusting the color tone and overall brightness of images. Color correction is the primary stage of image retouching, and photographers can opt for the service from […]

Parameters Of Product Photo Editing For E-Commerce Products

Optimized photographs will help consumers understand the features of a product when they visit an e-commerce portal. E-commerce portals often use product photos with legibility for converting regular consumers into prospect buyers. Product photo editing for e-commerce will work on certain parameters to enhance the legibility of product photos as explained below. Usage of Ghost […]

What Are The Product Photo Editing Requirements For Amazon

If you are an online retailer, you might be familiar with the product image requirements for ecommerce websites like Amazon, Google shopping, and eBay. However, if you are new to the online retail industry, you will need to understand that the ecommerce platforms will need the retailers to follow a set of product image requirements […]

How Editors Make Product Photo Backgrounds Virtually Invincible

Even physical store tags apparels on mannequins so nothing would hold back an e-commerce store from using the ghost mannequins on the product category page. E-commerce thrives on images having a white background. Ghost mannequins are edited photos, minus embellishments and featuring the white background only. Ghost mannequins are perfect for retaining customer traction since […]

Shadows In Product Photo Editing

Professional photo editors have come through the ranks and emerged as some of the foremost thinkers in photo editing field. Having Photoshop and Adobe Lightroom to their backing, shadows and highlights can be accentuated on a product photograph triumphantly. It is said that most of the clients of a clipping path company – e-commerce, advertisers, […]

Shadowy And Reflective Product Photos Are Edited In Photoshop

The shadows and reflections are generated in stock photos through Photoshop, a popular product photo editorial software. Editors using Photoshop retain the quality of a product photo and keep the curb appeal of the same with professional touch. Why Product Photos Use Shadows And Reflections Sometimes in stock photography, imagery gets too dark due to […]

The Stand Of Product Photo Editing In E-Commerce

The virtual catalog on an e-commerce web portal persuades the consumers to buy the product. Edited photos are a silent marketer in e-commerce and making photos that match buying guides is up to the photo editing companies. Usually, it is the photos on the website that influence the consumer to make a decision on whether […]

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